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  • Andria Doria or Greisenau '43

    12. 20. 2011 23:41


Which is beter, AD or Greisenau '43 ??

AD (PBB) : smaller (slim-profile) en better turningforce

G'nau '43 (EBB) : bigger gunspace, better AA

Which do you prefer ?

Are there other advantages ?? for AD of G'nau'43 


  • Re : Andria Doria or Greisenau '43

    12. 21. 2011 00:29

Peronally i prefer the Gneisenao 43, its one of the best EBBs.

Gneisi: Very fast, decent punch (3/4 of Bissi), and very good (Bissi) range and has good AA capaticity.

AD: Small, can take a hit, great turning force and good range.

Both ships are very good but quite different in playstyle. Since i assume you want to get one of them with the Coins of that event....get the Gneisenau. You can buy the AD whenever you want later.

  • Re : Andria Doria or Greisenau '43

    12. 21. 2011 07:14

I won the EBB2 the slightly more fun way. However, I just sold it

In a GB, the AD is just better for the sole reason that it does more damage per second. With only 6 shells it is true to the KM way that it works best when 1 vs 1 where you can be completely defensive.

Just play 2 more days and get the EBB3.

  • Re : Andria Doria or Greisenau '43

    12. 27. 2011 14:46

I actually have both ships. My suggestion would be that if you have decent gunners(lvl 82 or above) go with the Gnei 43, while if your gunners are lower lvl go with the AD. Both are decent ships but for lower lvls AD is more survivable in GB.

  • Re : Andria Doria or Greisenau '43

    01. 07. 2012 02:53

guys thanks voor the reply's

i was lucky and have now 70 coins, so what shall i do ?

my BO is level 69 en gunners 81

  • Re : Andria Doria or Greisenau '43

    01. 07. 2012 03:22


Get the Gneis! Maybe you want a KM sub, then this will help a lot, because if you use Ad or Moltke then at a certain level, they become worthless, due to the higher lv crew.
Gneis is a good AA ship too, so it helps you expertig the boys and if you have engies around lv70 or more, then it's as fast as the lightning:). Around 55 knots can be reached. The guns like Opro, just 2 barrels. Good range. You can play trough a game, starting with AAing, and later shooting BBs or other. The speed helps you to be at the "required location", once you see a weak point in the enemy line, you can AA the scouts, if there is any, and ROCK&ROLL.
The only reason why i chose Hindenburg for the coins, is becasue i have Moltke, Gneis, Opro1942, I don't have AD at this account, but have experiences with it.
Maybe firstly you will be a bit disappointed, because the level of your crew, but AA a lot will help.
Experting your crew is more important than you firstly think.

Good hunting and godspeed!