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  • Step back option on shiptree

    06. 29. 2011 12:41

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Im bringing this out even if SDE never gets it just for the discussion.

Have you ever chosen your next ship line wrong? Maybe taken ship that is broken or unbalanced.

I have. Hate it. I know i could buy reset for 20$ But is that bit too much for just changing one ship in the tree ?

Imagine if there was option to step back to your previous ship. Ofcourse this would only work backwards one time
so you couldnt reverse it to the start. Just to the last ship you used. Maybe make level limit for what while this would be active but just give players
The chance to test wich ship they want play from now one for several days some for weeks.

I think this would be awesome but because SDE gets lot money from Shiptree reset payments this will probably never happen. 


  • Re : Step back option on shiptree

    06. 29. 2011 23:42

I also think that this is a good idea. I too have been in the position of selecting the wrong ship tree. I actually bought the reset but in retrospect it was a waste of money because the line I accidentally picked was just as good as the one I wanted.

  • Re : Step back option on shiptree

    06. 30. 2011 02:17

personally i think its a bad or terrible idea. This is NF for one. Secondly there a box that max you click yes as if you really want that ship so if you really wanted it, tryed it out an decided a ship and you dont like it, Buy a Bo Reset.

  • Re : Step back option on shiptree

    06. 30. 2011 15:38

Nitroflame this is actually a really good idea, you might not know which ship is better and regret picking the worst of the 2 or 3 and you saying you dont like it buy a BO reset is just plain overpriced because the knuckleheads at $DE are obsessed with money.