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  • Nagato or B65

    12. 26. 2011 03:14

I've got a lvl 80 BO and lvl 89 gunners. have been told to get Prem BB and can get
more use out of my higher lvl gunners gunners, any thoughts?


  • Re : Nagato or B65

    12. 26. 2011 04:27

Re : Nagato or B65 --> Hyuga!

  • Re : Nagato or B65

    12. 26. 2011 05:03

How do you get Hygua? not real sure.

  • Re : Nagato or B65

    12. 26. 2011 09:42

if you've been grinding through the coin system you can buy the Hyuga (EBB3) with 80 coins.

That aside, and if you can't get it for some reason, I would say use both! The Nagato is probably the best BB3 and very good speed/range combination but the B65 is IMO a better levelling ship since it has an extra support slot and PBB bonus XP rates.

how are your engineers? the B65 can hit 46 knots capped but is hard to cap. I'm still trying to cap mine but I'm looking forward to some high-speed fun.

I would also say that with your gunners, stepping back to the Fuso or Ise is a perfectly valid option. Stick the second set 16" Ds on it and go nuts.

To be honest, if your crew is already lvl 80-89 the PBB might not be a great help unless you just want to have fun. The Fuso/Nagato with that crew will own and won't have as big an XP gap due to level difference.

If your supports are behind or if you are lvling AA gunners and want to practice AA before Yamato then yes get the PBB.

sorry if that's confusing, I had a lot to say because I was in this position myself but frankly with those gunners you are in a good position, IJN has somegreat BBs for your level so just play all of them and see what you like!

  • Re : Nagato or B65

    12. 26. 2011 09:42

It's a EBB3 and you can buy one for 80 coins.
It's better than Both Nagato and B65 combined due to insane firepower.

As for Nagato vs B65...

Nagato has far more firepower while B65 has a good AA battery.

  • Re : Nagato or B65

    12. 26. 2011 11:16

Lol nagato best BB3, thats funny. I'd go with the ebb3 if you can get it, the extra 2 turrets over the naggy makes a huge difference. The B65 is not that great, and suffers from looking too much like a yammy, which means you'll get targeted more often as people will perceive you as more of a threat than you actually are.

  • Re : Nagato or B65

    12. 26. 2011 11:44

Screw nagato/B65

Hyuuga trolled.

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    12. 26. 2011 13:19

Originally Posted by artorius

How do you get Hygua? not real sure.

get 80 coins from the coin event and exchange it for the hyuga