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    12. 28. 2011 14:03

hello there, im setting-up my uk crew after im done with my us cv crew.
I was wondering if i get 6 elite engine,2 elite rep??

is there something wrong with my supports for my bb crew??


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    12. 28. 2011 18:00

You need 2 more supports - I suggest 7 eng and 3 rep, or 6 and 4... don't bother with AA at all for UK unless you're into self harm.

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    01. 22. 2012 10:28

I disagree. I find aa very usefull. It's a preference thing.

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    01. 22. 2012 17:27

If you're going all the way to BB6, you will ultimately need 14 sailors

1 BO
2 Gunners
1 Scout

either 7 engy 3 rep
or 8 engy 2 rep(ebve)

with AA, you'll need to decrease the number of engineers by 2, in both examples above.

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    01. 25. 2012 01:16

For BB-1. BO, 2 gunners. 6engine,3 repair,1 HH gunner (soft till lv120), 1 scout.
For Escort-1.BO.2 reload AA.1.sonar. others are unnecessary, however, you may consider train 1 restore, 1 repair ,1 engine for better performance purpose. ( highly recommand, since the UK escort is the best that I can recall from my battle experiences)
if you are aiming for a 11.7+armor QV, you need to train almost everything with delay.

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    01. 25. 2012 01:30

Or you can do it like this. ^^

1 BO
2 Gunners
2 AA Gunners
4 Ebve Repairs
6 Engys then grind 1 more when you got to QV Level ^
1 Scout

A bit hard to grind all of them to BB6, but it will give you a couple of choices down the line.

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    01. 25. 2012 04:18

I run my UK bb with 8 engys ebve and 2 reps ebve make sure reps have 200 vets and you cap out and have overheat for like 5 minutes

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    01. 25. 2012 23:47

UK AA is pretty much wack. Its only good in BB rooms or HA where you can sit back and snipe scouts. In GBs when your swarmed with fighters or bombers, it is pretty useless.

So for a without AA set-up:
2 Reload Gunners
3 Elite Reps
7 Engies (normal or Elites)
1 Scout

With AA setup:
4 Reload gunners
2 Elite Reps (super-vetted)
6 Engies (Non-elites)
1 Scout

The reason for using non-elites for the with AA set-up is that you want to roll some 11/9/11's or so to have a good base in repair. Otherwise you'll have a hard time hitting the repair cap with just 2 reps unless you super-vet the entire crew (couple hundred dollars spent). With 11/11 rep/engie rolls you will get a huge chunk of repair ability from them.

Anything over 7 engies is useless IMO. After 6 you just get diminishing returns. Seven will give you a very long overheat time, The eighth engie isnt doing anything but wasting displacement and hurting your chance of hitting the repair cap.

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    01. 26. 2012 04:45

Originally Posted by maykel

...then grind 1 more when you got to QV Level ^


  • Re : support set-up

    09. 08. 2013 20:53


So dont train any Restorers at all?

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    09. 08. 2013 22:25


Originally Posted by steve_nichol

So dont train any Restorers at all?

nope, your SD will be at capped with just rep and engy and UK is the easiest nation to capped SD, you'll probably have 900SD on a bb3 at level

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