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  • help!

    12. 31. 2011 04:46

Whats the best gun setup and what guns can it actually mount? And whats the best the pBB can mount? My BO is only lvl 65 right now...


  • Re : help!

    12. 31. 2011 06:10

best gun setup what can mount? I think the PBB mounts 4 triple 14" guns

  • Re : help!

    12. 31. 2011 10:13

Sevastopol has 12" Guns. Fires @ 40 Degrees in 4 triple turrets. Goes 25/42 @ normal displacement speed capped.

1 Bo slot (Premimum ships can use any sailor as BO. Grind your crew ahead of your BO by putting an engy here thats around lbl 60 and you'll have decent gunlines.)
2 Main Gunner slots (Front Gunner is turret #1 and 3, Rear Gunner is turret #2 and 4)
2 T Gunner Slots (4 front 4 rear in separated sets of 2 gun slots, suggest putting 2 reps here)
7 Support Slots (2 reps, 4 engys and a scout work nicely here, or 1 rep, 5 engys and a scout for best results (with 2 Reps on T slots)

It can load the 16" Dual Mark 2 Ds and Ns (CA and Alaska Range respectively)(40 Degrees Max Angle), 14" Triple Mark 10s and 9s (BB1 Range)(30 Degrees Max Angle), the 14" Tripple Mark 7 Ds and Ns (CA and Alaska Range respectively)(30 Degrees Max Angle), the 14" dual EBB guns (BB1 Range with 15 degree gun angles) and the special Purpose 1907 12" triples with just shy of Sodak/Colorado Range(40 Degree Gun Angles). I suggest sticking with the 12" guns meant for the Seva since they do about the same damage (Slightly less but barely noticeable) as the Mark 7 14" Triples.

As always, I suggest playing the correct ship in the ship line to learn the valuable skills it teaches you for later on. Weather that be the New Mexico, Colorado (Favorite for Sodak Line), Tennessee, or Pennsylvania (Favorite for NorCal Line). They all teach valueable lessons that will help you later on, on the BB3456.