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  • accuracy vs. reload

    12. 31. 2011 11:27

I am going to start a new UK BB crew and I am trying to decide on main gunners.  In my US crew I tried to keep the accuracy and reload levels balanced.  In  my  US BB1, my spread is not very good (14" guns), so I am thinking of  focusing more on  accuracy this time.  Any suggestions?


  • Re : accuracy vs. reload

    12. 31. 2011 11:42

Class him reload.

Reload caps slower than Accuracy.

Besides there are also level based caps (at level X the sailor caps out at Y accuracy/reload and won't get better no matter how many experts/vets/boosts you have on him till you get to level X+1).

Basically as far as i know you should just keep classing him as reload.
Also make sure you have at least 100 vets and full experts.

  • Re : accuracy vs. reload

    01. 04. 2012 22:02

UK guns are notoriously slow loading. so you'll want to class as reload.

depending on what you role for your gunners in the first place, or which ones you purchased if buying elite gunners, you may want to try for say a 11/10 (acc/rel), unless you really want to sit there all day (as some people, sadly, do), to roll better. then class as reloads. that'll give you a leg up on accuracy, but when you class as reloading gunners, you'll get a boost there as well.

the US, unlike the UK, you actually can switch by choosing one type, then the other at the next classing. unfortunately, the British aren't so lucky.

  • Re : accuracy vs. reload

    01. 06. 2012 17:45

For UK main gunners class as reload. You will cap accuracy LONG before you cap reload.

For US, I always used Acc/Rld/Acc classing and it worked out very well.

  • Re : accuracy vs. reload

    01. 06. 2012 18:04

Originally Posted by Sonlirain

Class him reload.

and there are lots of posts in the UK forum to support this too

  • Re : accuracy vs. reload

    01. 11. 2012 14:23

I read some post stating you should start classing them as Reload as late as Lvl 65. Is that a good idea? Why not earlier? (I imagine it sucks having to miss out on the "Heavy" Guns from Lvl 40 until Lvl 65.)

  • Re : accuracy vs. reload

    01. 12. 2012 02:58

Class reload. Class on time.

  • Re : accuracy vs. reload

    01. 12. 2012 10:04

Originally Posted by 

Class reload. Class on time.

You gotta love one liners without trying to explain things. Just absolutes.

Classing on time kills acc or rel growth which will make you cap later, but you will still cap nonetheless. Delay classing will let you keep some of that acc/rel growth, which will let you cap earlier.

Lvl12 Arm sailor +8 Acc +8Rel
Lvl22 Gunner +4Acc +4Rel
Lvl42 Rel Hvy -10Acc +8Rel <<< Kills Accuracy growth
Lvl65 Rel Huge -4Acc +6Rel <<< Kills Accuracy growth

Some class at lvl60, at Blitz graduate level.. others push it to lvl70. Delaying class also saves some weight for the sailor(by lesser sailor count), without sacrificing too much True Ability for acc/rel (because the number of sailors greatly affect TA calculation).

  • Re : accuracy vs. reload

    01. 12. 2012 10:59

Only delay classing if you don't intend to really use the gunners while they are levelling
Delayed classed reload gunners only cap their acc a few levels earlier than those classed on time, not really worth the effort if you keep using those gunners for anything other than AA'ing ( or HHing) while delaying their classing.
For reload gunners, delaying just doesn't make a huge difference.

  • Re : accuracy vs. reload

    01. 13. 2012 11:54

thank you for the detailed answers!

  • Re : accuracy vs. reload

    01. 13. 2012 18:13

Originally Posted by StuppoZeRo

You gotta love one liners without trying to explain things. Just absolutes.

Well, he asked for suggestions - that is my suggestion. But you've done well to explain some details.

For the record, the gunners I levelled for my BB crew were elite acc classed as acc. If I had to do it again I'd go all out for reload.

Classing as reload you won't get the nice blocking York (which, admittedly, is great fun while it lasts) it's not worth the pain of grinding through the lower tier BBs with bad reload. Especially since the OP has already levelled US, he will still be happy with the spread he gets with reload gunners.