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  • Armor for Lion I

    01. 04. 2012 02:22

Should i use deck or belt for lion 1?


  • Re : Armor for Lion I

    01. 04. 2012 02:44

if you go AW, go all deck
at least 10 - 11" of deck to bounce off shell which would cost you 10m+ of credit

if you choose to SW
.2 belt rest bulge

  • Re : Armor for Lion I

    01. 21. 2012 15:14

I strongly recommend using the SW setup described above. If you're playing in GB rooms you will be facing BB5 and BB6 so you will need as much speed as possible to make up for the range disadvantage.

  • Re : Armor for Lion I

    01. 22. 2012 02:21

Actually, it depends on the lvl of your crew. Mine are between lvl 95ish and 120. With this I can get L1 OH at 37 knots when AW. I prefer AW as you can get reasonable speed with higher lvl crews and you can take a beating from those larger ships. And if you know how to play then you shouldnt need the speed to get the BB5s, you just need to pick the right moment.