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  • A6M2-N Recon plane

    01. 05. 2012 02:53

Hi everyone,

just as a start i mainly play on NFEU but started recently playing  on NFNA as well.

i just was wondering if something happened during the last years with this IJN-Recon plane here as well?

it was supposed to be an intermediary between a fighter and a scout, having reduced sight range compared to its @ level scout counterpart, but it could be used on the Oyodo or Mogami CV as a type of fighter, it was faster and has an attack-strenght of 80. i used to use it in the 'old days' in BB/CA rooms to harras and hunt other scouts and it did its job very well!

now ,its just crap. please don't get me wrong, it was never an 'ueber-scout' nor a good fighter, but now it does nothing but only scout. it doesn't encounter any scouts nor shoots down any t1 bombers of any kind...

so what is it good/used for?

Is it the same here?



  • Re : A6M2-N Recon plane

    01. 05. 2012 03:16

hi, im also from nfeu but already stop playing their...

well sorry to say its different here... the scout here is different than in EU... scouts do chase and fight other planes but won't shoot down fast except for the t5 scouts that can sometimes shoot down t1 - t2s fp and t1 bombers and scouts fast sometimes

  • Re : A6M2-N Recon plane

    01. 05. 2012 05:24

the behaviour of scouts thenis similar...

also on NFEU, scouts engage in fights and get shot down really fast when letting them doing so, of course except the T5 scouts.

but, as i says, a couple of years back, this IJN scout was a nice intermediate.

maybe not anymore...

  • Re : A6M2-N Recon plane

    01. 05. 2012 06:45

Well it does chase other planes... it's just too slow to be good at it.

It's somewhat useless now and will probably disapear completely once the scout rework takes place.

  • Re : A6M2-N Recon plane

    01. 05. 2012 21:06

Good for deploy naval mines with its speed. That is all...