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  • IJN tb or db better in cvs?

    01. 06. 2012 01:30

 IJN tb or db better in cvs?


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    01. 06. 2012 02:04


ijn tb is easily shoot down even at high level by aaw

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    01. 06. 2012 07:30

Originally Posted by phantom3553


ijn tb is easily shoot down even at high level by aaw

IJN and UK have the most resistant TBs in the game.

Both have the same +2 Bomber stat.
And in both T1 and T2 Torpedo bombers have the same armor with IJN having slightely more DP.

RN T1 - 205 DP 18 armor
IJN T1 - 210 DP 18 armor (note that IJN has 3 tiers of TBs instead of 2 but their T2 is at T1 level)

RN T2 - 215 DP 23 armor
IJN T2 - 220 DP 23 armor

In other words IJN TBs are a bit more resistant than UK and they get their TBs a bit faster than most.

However RN TBs still have far more damage then IJN.

Basicaly IJN have one of the best Dive bombers in the game so while their TBs are not terrible i'd suggest going for DBs regardless of what i said about TBs... but if you want to be a hipster then go for TBs. They will (and always are) terrible till you get AAW immune but are fun to use afterwards.

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    01. 07. 2012 09:23

Db are better to start with as will encounter fewer shot down and higher damage. This holds more true when you get into gbs. Tb are fun to have a few of to go after subs and pcls.

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    01. 07. 2012 10:49

DB requires no skill at all.
TB will be a pain in the @$$ at low lvl even with uber vets.

Words on the street is, unless you're a fighter whore, you are useless.

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    02. 11. 2012 20:42

DB's for the main and at least 1 TB for the occasional DD-SS. Every now and then you can come across a L2 with nothing but deck and a large TB Squad will drop a lot of their health because all of the armor is in deck and none in bulge. DB's if they hit always give damage tho. TB's will get 1's if they have bulge. As a courtesy if you use TB's leave them in the area for scouting purposes as the have a little better sight range than the DB's but have them at decent elevation for scouting after the deck level TB run.

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    04. 05. 2014 15:54


IJN tb is the second best in game in terms of pilot ability and aircraft, however, the tb torpedo damage power is below average.

IJN db is the second best in game in all areas.

Playing tb is painful until you get high level pilots to survive AAW in order to hit anything, but it is great fun to play. Tb has good sight range so it also helps your team if it is used as scout after bombing.

Playing db is easy and straightforward, you can manage to hit and deal some damage even at low level.

Also, playing db earns more money and credits, coz it is easier to hit.

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    04. 06. 2014 13:46


Originally Posted by gnahcgnol1

Also, playing db earns more money and credits, coz it is easier to hit.


no, because the way TB damage is equated to xp, this causes relatively low XP from TB.  DB are not held back in this manner so you get much more xp using them... especially in hybrid ships.  If you DB a BB6 with oyo, Mogcv, or isecv you get a HUGE bonus of xp.  Keep this in mind if you are leveling crew.

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    04. 06. 2014 19:31


Originally Posted by gnahcgnol1

IJN db is the second best in game in all areas.

This is also patently false.

The IJN DB is only 3rd in damage, as a relatively recent patch slightly buffed KM (almost SN level) and slightly nerfed IJN to about midway between KM and MN. The other three are all far behind though, so it's still very powerful.

However, the IJN DB has the worst durability of any bomber in the game - in fact, it's so far behind that for T2s, there's less of a DP gap between the #1 (UK, 145) and #6 (RM, 133) than the RM and IJN (120)! Only the RM one has lower AP defense, but over 10% more DP to compensate.

The IJN DB is also tied for the slowest, though this is a compensation all the high-damage bombers suffer - it's tied with KM and SN, and MN is at #4. 

In fact, the only areas where the IJN DB is even in the top 4 are fuel (#1) and bomb damage (#3). However, bomb damage remains the most important factor for DBs, so that by default makes it the third best. But the plane itself is arguably the worst in the game.

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    04. 06. 2014 20:19


Thanks for the update and detailed research. 

Well, we shoundn't ignore the bomber ability bonus as IJN pilots, that may serve as compensation for the bad db aircraft durability.

Out from the 3 bomber nations(RN, SN, IJN), RN has worst DB damage, and SN has worst TB damage, while for IJN players, playing both TB and DB are neither a bad choice.

As a bomber whore, I am playing both TBW and DBW with IJN, and have enjoyed so much fun out of it.


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    04. 06. 2014 23:00


The +2 bomber bonus isn't that spectacular. It's actually only slightly relevant, and is middle-of-the-road, as bonuses are also hidden in the Special Force and individual bomber pilot tier classings.

IJN gets +2 bomber ability for nation classing, +8 for Special Force, +4 for Dive Bomber, +3 for Ace DB, and +2 DB Squadron Leader, for a total of +19. If you class a base 10 pilot on time to every class (not necessarily the best way to do it), you come out to 2835 base ability at level 120.

KM gets none for nation and the same +8 for special force, but +5 for DB, +4 for Ace DB, and +3 for Squadron Leader. That's a total of +20, higher than IJN. However, with the lower start bonus, it does come up slightly shorter at 2785 (1.76% lower). This is, however, a low enough disparity that just a few extra vets/experts can make things even.

RM doesn't get the nation bonus, and has the same as IJN for SF (8), but jumps classes first to TB (+4), then just for levels later to DB (extra +3), and gets a jump at Ace to +4, ending out the same. While the bonus is back-loaded, RM gets its classing at lower levels, since it goes to TB, then DB 4 levels later, and only another 14 for Ace DB, capping ability a full 13 levels earlier. It comes just barely short of IJN at 2816 with a +10 pilot at 120 (0.6% lower, a statistical hiccup). Furthermore, IIRC, it has higher crew growth when classed all the way, allowing more vets and experts at its highest class.

SN just blows IJN away. In addition to the +2 nation bonus, it gets +9 at Special Force instead of 8, +6 for DB instead of 4, +4 for Ace instead of 3, and +3 for Squadron Leader instead of 2. That's +24. With that +10 pilot, it comes out at 3187, 12.4% higher than IJN. Note that the SN DB plane is only inferior to its IJN counterpart in fuel and spotting range. It is equal or superior in every other stat.

It does drop from there. MN has a minor bonus, but it's at the end, ending up 2621. The US, having a tree more like the RM one, ends up 2669 with no bonuses. The UK has that hidden +9 at Special Force, but gets nothing after another +5 at TB (again, it goes from TB to DB), ending at a lowly 2562. Of course, UK is the best TB nation by a fair margin, so having the worst DBs is accepted.


However, some players do not class to squadron or even ace as the higher numbers of recruits can be more valuable than the ability bonus depending on several factors. In this case it comes out (stopped at ace / stopped at regular DB):

SN: 3032 / 2820

RM: 2816 / 2584

IJN: 2745 / 2580

KM: 2650 / 2434

US: 2669 / 2565

MN: 2486 / 2274

RN: 2562 / 2562


All told, even here, IJN falls far short of the bonus you'd expect to make up for poor plane durability, while the SN pulls even further ahead.