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  • SN BB4-5 help

    01. 14. 2012 04:29

Is the SN BB4-5 good? I have not tried this nation yet, but from what i see SN is weak, low damage per shell. Is that true?


  • Re : SN BB4-5 help

    01. 14. 2012 06:14

The BB4 is amazing.

The BB5 isn't.

  • Re : SN BB4-5 help

    01. 14. 2012 08:24

Originally Posted by Monarch
The BB4 is amazing.

Can you explain in details? Like range is better than some other nations. Speed, damage than that of BB5.
Lastly, what if i use a Soyuz but then using a stalingrad gun?

  • Re : SN BB4-5 help

    01. 14. 2012 19:03

BB4 is overpowered, BB5 is underpowered. Both are broken.

  • Re : SN BB4-5 help

    01. 24. 2012 11:24

u will be more suprised once u got bb6 :D

  • Re : SN BB4-5 help

    02. 22. 2012 06:18

Got oneshotted by a SN BB5. Myabe because I was on my H39 and I wasn't paying attention? Anyways, it hits hard.

  • Re : SN BB4-5 help

    02. 22. 2012 11:18

Buy my BB crew on sale in prem. trade. Not a bad start for S.N. LOL!!!

  • Re : SN BB4-5 help

    03. 06. 2012 17:30

BB4 goes 40knt, has a smaller than most hit box, hits -hard- (can oneshot the SN bb5) and has just a smidge under H39 range. BB5 hits fairly hard, but has only -barely- above montana range, is slow at an easily reached 37knt cap and turns like a cinder block being dragged through sand. It's also pretty fragile for it's maneuverability.
Waiting for the bb5 gun fix, but i fear it will take more than just modding the guns to make this a usable, and certainly enjoyably, BB5.