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  • UK AA Gunners

    01. 29. 2012 07:48

With the new changes to aa/machine gunners, is it still worth classing them as reload gunners and class them up to chief reload, or should I go with the 2nd AA Gunner, and class up?


  • Re : UK AA Gunners

    01. 30. 2012 02:47

Sorry, UK doesn't have chief reload. What's these new changes to aa/machine gunners? Them having the Gun Ability?

Its UK nationality @ lvl12
Arm Sailor @ lvl12
2nd AA Gun @ lvl20
1st AA Gun @ lvl40

Royal Navy AA gunners are usually delayed class Arm Sailors, classed only when they reach high lvls (70~120). It results in high reload rates, and a lighter tonnage.

  • Re : UK AA Gunners

    02. 12. 2012 18:21

From my understanding, the "changes" to the AAW stat haven't been proven to exist yet. I assume that's what you mean, and you're not talking about the changes where they can use HHs and such.

But even if they had changed the AAW stat to make it work, the reload stat would still be more important. This means you would want to use regular gunners classed to reload. If you want to use the Pom Pom guns, then the delay classing mentioned above would be the way to go.