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  • A use for left over planes

    07. 01. 2011 07:15

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I thought i cool idea would be having a use for left over planes. So basicly the whole concept of this is, after you launched fighters or bombers from your cv(and this can only work with cvs, no scouts)and your cv dies that you could land your  planes on a ship with the corresponding nation so you can contiinue
to use those planes on that cv to keep yourself in the game. Now there should be limitaions on how you can do this listed here

1.You must have the corresponding nation cv to land them
2.The other player that you are landing your planes on will not be able to use them and the list of planes wont show up on there plane list near the bottom of the screen
3.There must be enough space for you planes to land, so if have 10 t'4 in the air you cant land it on a cv1 like a hosho or attacker
4.You can only control those ones that you landed, the ones on your cv wont carry over
5.If that cv that you landed on is destoyed, and you have planes in the air still, those planes will disapear like always, you can only do this once
6.If you are a flag ship and you carry over planes you are still destroyed, just still in the game

I dont know if anythinglike this has been suggested yet so bear with my please, also i like to hear your comments :D


  • Re : A use for left over planes

    07. 01. 2011 10:11

This would be quite nice to see, a realistic portrayal of CV combat. However it seems like it could be quite complicated to pull off. Having the ability to land on other carriers allows you to continue the fight but could also lead to many problems when they try to land their planes.

  • Re : A use for left over planes

    07. 01. 2011 11:54

Nice idea, but too complicated. You have too much faith in this game. This would probably introduce a whole lot more bugs.