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  • IJN PBB B65: need help on how to play b65 and setup

    02. 09. 2012 10:00

I recently got the b65 from the winter event. It has been kind of harsh because the horrible spread and the paper ship itself. I would like to know how to setup the b65 the rigth way and what lvl the trip 12.2 will hit acuratly with a good amount of spread. I would like to know other b65 players views pls. It would really help :)


  • Re : IJN PBB B65: need help on how to play b65 and setup

    02. 09. 2012 11:49

Well i don't have a B65 but i'll tell you what i know.

1 - It has BB2.5 range. More than fuso/ise but less than Nagato with it's 16"
2 - The firepower sucks.
3 - It has good AA (but you should not class AA gunners to AA gunners sooner than lvl 62

Basically a Hit and Run ship that should use blind spots in order to get in get off several shots and get out before they maul you.

Sadly the IJN PBB seems to be inferior compared to other PBBs.

It's large and looking like Yamato makes it seem like a bigger threat than it actually is.

  • Re : IJN PBB B65: need help on how to play b65 and setup

    02. 09. 2012 13:18

Use the 12.2'' Trips, in the T slots but the 4.7'' Long Range AA Duels. (DP Gunners)
Engineers are a must in the support slots, at least 3, put maybe 2 Reps as well if you can.

Don't armor it, run it light and fast. IJN armor sucks, and if the B65 is slow it becomes easy prey considering its size and weakness.

  • Re : IJN PBB B65: need help on how to play b65 and setup

    02. 09. 2012 17:26

B65 is horrible for a PBB. It takes good skill and time to master this ship. You might rely heavily on the AA guns helping teammates to blind the enemy.

  • Re : IJN PBB B65: need help on how to play b65 and setup

    02. 09. 2012 21:48

The best thing that the B65 has going for it is how notoriously bad it is,. I have only seen it played well a couple of times. People will not take you seriously in it, and you can make them pay, but a lot depends on your crew.

-The spread will improve with high level gunners, you can usually find gunners that people think are crap that have hit the caps already for pretty cheap.

-You need to be able to spot your shells land. Most newer players will really struggle aiming those 45 degree guns at first, so it is best of your lines end exactly at your max range. This is more important with the B65 than most lower lvl BBs.

-Try and get people to chase you, they will think you are easy prey and will get greedy for more XP. Use your long hang time to your advantage and extend your effective range.

-People will generally choose to shoot your teammates over you so you can sneak in for brief attacks, but don't rush solo.

-Don't class your AA gunners if they aren't ready yet. Just throw some hedgehogs on and help your team kill those subs.

Yes, it is by far the worst PBB, but everyone knows it so you may be able to catch some people off guard.

  • Re : IJN PBB B65: need help on how to play b65 and setup

    02. 11. 2012 12:51

Is the B65 worth purchasing? Would I do better off in the Kongo and then the Ise? The main reason I wanted to buy the ship is because of the amount of support slots would let me keep my crew even and levelled. Thanks.

  • Re : IJN PBB B65: need help on how to play b65 and setup

    02. 25. 2012 21:07

At level, it's not worth it. By the time you can see your shells, you'll probably be at Fuso/Ise level, at which point you will have access to a vastly superior ship at the minor cost of limited AA and 1 less support slot. B65 is only marginally worthwhile once you have good gunners and AA. Even then, I wouldn't invest the money in it, and in an event, you're better served by going for an EBB2/3.

  • Re : IJN PBB B65: need help on how to play b65 and setup

    02. 25. 2012 23:39

If you have excessive money, get a B65. The extra support slot is better than the Kongo; even though the Kongo is probably equal in ability to the B65.

Personally, at lv 120, the B65 is fun. At low (and high, ~100) levels, it's a fairly painful ship and not nearly as great as the AD or the Sevast.

  • Re : IJN PBB B65: need help on how to play b65 and setup

    02. 27. 2012 21:05

The only use for this ship is AA unless you have access to gunners over lvl 100. Even with really high level gunners the spread is not good but it can still be a fun ship to play.

Personally, I would beg borrow or steal some good AA gunners and drive it till BB3 lvl, then switch to Nagato. Fuso and Ise are both worthless in my opinion as is the Kongo. AA will get you better xp in B65 than anything you are likely to do in any other low lvl IJN BB and you will at least be contributing to the teams success instead of taking up a BB slot with a totally worthless ship that is just food.

  • Re : IJN PBB B65: need help on how to play b65 and setup

    03. 09. 2012 10:46


I buy B65 as my firts premium item and I have opossites feelings about her as long as I try to use her.

Late I have much fun with B65 but at a Nagato level crew... but at lower levels I havent find a way to use it without anger-quiting.

so it s the config

R slot Front: 2 x Trip 12.2 guns

R slot Rear: 1 x HH

T front: 6 x D 4.7"/45 Type 10 A at 27°

T rear: 6 x D 3.9"/65 Type 98 A at 38°

My OHSpeed with 5 engies arround lvl 88 was 48, if u add rear trip some like 45° (I need speed because im a sub fan and I drive BB very bad... :( )

But AAW work give me a lot of E/E (experts and experience) while I was slowly adquiring Big Guns ability, b/c AAing enemies planes make blind space arround B65 if prop handled.


NOTE: the mixed AA give me a very extense cover area (long range cover with 4.7 as all know, and near cover -where 75° max ang of 4.7 fail) and make feel enemie that several AA ships in ur zone so CV drivers think twice before sending planes to your position.


Yesterday I reach Yamato.... and style of play is in some way similar to my B65 experimental config... only that I have much more range now & I can blind some BB and hit them much easy while I continue learning to move and aim...

  • Re : IJN PBB B65: need help on how to play b65 and setup

    05. 31. 2012 21:35

I have a Nagano crew with lots of experts and vets + prem on the sailors and the b65 is very fun. I hated the nagato and now that I have the b65 I never want to use it again. if you have good gunners your spread will be good and you will be able to land several hits. The only thing is that the b65 Is huge and is an easy target do never engage a bb when you can't OH because you will need your speed to dodge enemy shells. Also be careful with who you pick your fights with make sure they can't get easy support if possible and keep that ship at range. your shells don't hit the hardest but they can do decent damage. I don't know why people say the b65 is such a bad ship I think it is a great ship but you just need to know how to play it right .