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  • Which Line has more range?

    02. 11. 2012 15:18

I'm at M Project and I want to go with the line with more range.
Should I go Admiral Hipper line, or the Deutschland?  


  • Re : Which Line has more range?

    02. 11. 2012 18:12

Depends, the deutschland line has CAs with BB1-3 range with those tripple 11", but the damage sucks and the reload at level is almost unbearable, not to mention at level spread.

On the other hand you have the Admiral Hipper and it's remodel, the Prinz Eugen. Both of them have decent (Not great) range and decent spread but the damage sucks even worse, reload is bether tho.

One curious thing is that after you reach your first BB1 on any line, the range pretty much becomes the same since both lines use the same guns for both BB1, I believe it's the same for the BB2. The real difference comes when you reach your BB3 (Bismark for Admiral Hipper Line, O Project 2 for Deutschland line), at this point there are changes in your range, since now you have access to the tier 2 14.98" guns that are different for both ships. The bismark has 8 guns (4 dual turrets) and has a better range than the O project 2, while the O project 2 has better Damage and better OH speed (Pretty much anything can speed cap it) but has shorter range.

At the end it all depends on what you want when you reach BB3 level but also depends on how good your crew is. My advice would be if you have awesome crew (EBVE gunners that are AT LEAST 10 levels ahead of your BO by the time you reach your CA, and also great engineers and repairers) go for the Deutschland line sine it will be really fun for you, otherwise go Admiral Hipper and learn to pick up on any rushing BB or learn to play Ninja and sneak upon any BB that you can get.

Bismark is played more defensively, while the O project 2 is more for rushing when the time comes and doing massive damage before running like a littler girl. Still, the O project 2 is in no way like the UK auto win rushing BBs. [Stares at AW Nelson]

Hope this was helpful.

  • Re : Which Line has more range?

    02. 19. 2012 21:56

Opro II is the king of bb3's