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  • AA escort j II vs oakland

    02. 13. 2012 15:59

this may have been discussed already but.... i use the J II for aa escort because the aaw stat is 234 and higher durability but would the oakland do a better job? idont really see a big diffrence but if anyone has input go ahead


  • Re : AA escort j II vs oakland

    02. 13. 2012 17:43

AAW stat is not as important since most planes in GB are AAW immune. I would run atlanta since it has 2 additional Gun slots out of the 3 remods, thus 4 more shells in the air.

Remember escort gun turrets have 360 degree arc of fire, even when shooting at the superstructure.

Given a choice of US ships, I would choose the Cleveland since it has 10 combine R+T slots that can hold 5" or the 3" duals. The only downside is the high repair cost so dont let it sink. The CL engine III also gives it a good base speed, since escorts dont OH and of course it has good durability.

Omaha is a cheap substitute for the atlanta (8 R) but can only really hold the 3"70s.

  • Re : AA escort j II vs oakland

    02. 13. 2012 18:08

THANKS FOR THE INPUT! you not only answered my question but also stated why .now i can apply that reasoning to my future ship choices. agian thanks