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    02. 18. 2012 02:37

hi all, i'm leveling two bo , one for BB line and one for SS line.

any tactics to make fast for sub BO? if i can, i don't want buy vickers L3 but junset, i have dounburi, level bo by this ship or by simakaze untill lvl 49?

for the others sailor, use same ships, 4 engy 3 reps, 1 scout, 1 planes 1 sonar .

when i get kita with bb bo, i will use it for fast levling.

any suggestions are welcome, tx you all!


  • Re : help tips

    02. 19. 2012 00:23

I'll stick to what I know: the Dhonburi is great in blitz but mostly useless in Great Battles. I suspect your going to be really bored if you don't switch back and forth occasionally between it and the Simakaze when going through so many levels.

  • Re : help tips

    02. 19. 2012 05:52

The Kita is a torp ship so you either prepare a BO specifically for it or pretty much bypass it completely.
If you must go the TW route, the Myoko is level 47 and the Kita remodel is level 52 so you should bypass
the Kita completely. Honestly for a BB, you should probably go up the Mogami line as torpedo sailors
are not required on that route. On the TW route (Shima/Kuma etc), you're wasting valuable sailor space
on torpedoes.