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  • Remodel for Pallada

    02. 19. 2012 08:42

I think that an interesting remodel for Pallada is the Aurora!

In real life, the Aurura was the same as the Pallada until it's 1915 remake, where it exchanged most of it's smaller guns for 6 more main guns.
So it went from 8x152mm and 24x75mm and 8x37mm to 14x152mm and 4x76mm. So I think that in NF, the Aurora can lose alot of it's AA but get's 4 more main guns. Which would be an interesting combination.
As well, the Aurora has some interesting history to go with it (just like the Hood). 


  • Re : Remodel for Pallada

    02. 19. 2012 10:52

Pallada already uses 8" guns instead of 6"... I'm not sure if it's such a good idea having a remod that goes back to using 6" guns.

  • Re : Remodel for Pallada

    02. 19. 2012 14:17

The stats that I gave were stats from real life, I don't think they apply to NF. I'm just saying that if they make a Pallada remake, the gun's size should stay the same, but they should add 4-6 more big R slots and decrease T slots by alot.

  • Re : Remodel for Pallada

    02. 19. 2012 16:33

The pallada already has size and the ability to carry large guns for its level to its advantage, being able to mount a further 4-6 sets of dual 8 inches/triple sixes would be stupidly overpowered. You cant have compact size and more firepower than any other CL and CAs packed into one ship.