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  • 2012 USS Wisconsin Reunion

    02. 19. 2012 21:35

I'll be attending this year's USS Wisconsin crew reunion.  It will be aboard the actual battleship again this time, and as I did in 2008, I'm extending an open invitation to Navy Field players to join me for a guided tour of this heroic Iowa class ship.

12 noon
21 July 2012
USS Wisconsin
Norfolk, Virginia, USA

The reunion actually runs all week, but they give former crewmen the ability to tour areas of the ship that are not normally open to the public on that saturday, immediately following the ship's memorial service.

So if anyone's interested, PM me.


  • Re : 2012 USS Wisconsin Reunion

    02. 19. 2012 22:24

Can they tug the iowa to Texas? :P

  • Re : 2012 USS Wisconsin Reunion

    02. 20. 2012 11:16

Can they tug the Texas to Alabama? :D

  • Re : 2012 USS Wisconsin Reunion

    02. 24. 2012 10:52

Might have to take ya up on that. Its been a while since I've been up to VA.

If she's in port at the time, I might be able to get us on board my old ship the USS Porter (Arleigh-Burke class). She's currently assigned to the Enterprise group and the Big E only has one more deployment left before decom next year, so they maybe put to sea around that time. But I'd love to go aboard the ole "Wisky" again if nothing else.