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  • York or Edinburgh?

    02. 24. 2012 14:19

Which is the better line to choose?


  • Re : York or Edinburgh?

    02. 24. 2012 23:04

ok your gunners are good and at lvl the york can blockshot it depends on down the line if u want the nelly line or the pow line it really up to u man i haven't the revenge line yet

  • Re : York or Edinburgh?

    02. 25. 2012 01:07

Level up two BOs for being able to play either line. Both have their strong and weak points.

It would be a pity to choose the line as a function of your current Blitzkrieg battles, and later be disappointed by that line's BBs.

Levelling up two BOs also makes your support crew stronger (because you change ships, but always keep the same supports). And it's that that counts at the end.

  • Re : York or Edinburgh?

    02. 25. 2012 09:17

This ^^

Run at least 2 bridge officers to keep your support at lvl or above the current ship/BO.
Personally I would go buy a Dunk and run it till L1/Vanny, while still using a cpl BOs. BB4/5 are a lot less fun with a sub-par crew that is not even at the lvl of the ship.

  • Re : York or Edinburgh?

    02. 25. 2012 12:29

I only ask because im doing an Emerald AA Escort. Just asking which line to go when training.

  • Re : York or Edinburgh?

    02. 25. 2012 19:07

ok i got the ebb3 it more fun then the dunky the nelson is fun i rather it then the pow if you can't buy any prem ship i rather do anti sub work with normal hh or phh then AA

  • Re : York or Edinburgh?

    02. 25. 2012 23:52

the real question is which BBs do you wanna play. I would say level 2 BO that way you dont have to choose because i have 2 BO at BB5 level and both lines have huge strength and huge weakness and it all depends on your playstyle and what you really want out of your BB. The nelson line is amazing for the fact that it is a front gun AW beast and you can pretty much take hits without thinking twice but you have no scout. The POW has less room for armor but you get a scout and it is also a beast because you can use hit and run tactics with it. There are also more ships for you to play on the Edinburgh line so that could be a factor also.

  • Re : York or Edinburgh?

    03. 15. 2012 05:01


York = trip 8" guns.

County = dual 8" guns with horrible spread/placement.

York remodel into Surrey = more or less the same as the County for guns & issues.

and as it's said above, it largely will depend on which BB (or the CV) line you wish to go into down the road.