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  • When Internet disconnects, go to login screen

    07. 02. 2011 18:56

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When your internet disconnects you from the game, whether you be in a battle or in shipyard, after you accept the notice that you have disconnected, have the game go to the login screen instead of closing and going to the desktop.

Internet disconnects are frustrating enough without having to reload the entire game to get back in.  And for people who frequently crash just trying to load the game in the first place, this can be a deal breaker.

I know this is possible because if I am in shipyard and know that my internet has disconnected, I have only a moment to manually log out before the game closes.

I'd be surprised if this hasn't been suggested before.  If it can't be done, please tell us why.


  • Re : When disconnected, go to login screen

    07. 02. 2011 19:07

Not sure if it's possible. When the game fully crashes, some files are broken and must be reinstalled. Not sure if this is possible to do if the game isn't restarted.

  • Re : When disconnected, go to login screen

    07. 02. 2011 20:23

this is not possible as koala44202 mentioned but do u mean crashes OR lossing connection to server?

  • Re : When disconnected, go to login screen

    07. 02. 2011 20:24

Even if it is just connection loss, I've had broken files.

  • Re : When disconnected, go to login screen

    07. 02. 2011 22:27

updating original post to clarify.

I am talking about internet disconnects. When this happens, the game/client seems to be fully operational, which is why when I am in shipyard I can simply log out before NF's disconnect message appears and boots me to the desktop.

However, in-battle I am unable to log out, and can do little but wait for the game to notify me of the disconnect and then send me to desktop, where I must reload the game. I disconnect a few times a day, which means I know the loading screen very well now.

If the game client knows I have disconnected, (by the "You have been disconnected from the server" message) then it should just as easily be able to send me to the login screen.