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  • Where does the CV County belong?

    03. 09. 2012 13:22


Title kinda says it all. I've made it all the way up to the county class in the UK shipline and I honestly just don't know where these types of ships fit in. I'm sailing a CV County with the dual 8's on the L spec for higher range...

Blitzkrieg - I try and stay far back and  lay down high angle fire support from the backlines but run into a few issues...

A)Maps too small - the Hobbit Wars map is great if you plan on driving at the enemy and torping or broadsiding... it appears to be terrible for HA shooting and ranged boats. 
B)Tons of smaller boats... DD and otherwise. It's hard to do HA shots for me to begin with - forget about hitting FFs and some DDs.
C)Twin 8's at my level (46 or so, RLD Gunners) don't block up at HA long ranges. It makes it particularly hard to hit much unless I just spray and pray (which isn't much fun).

I've tried a few Great Battles and come up with this issue...
A)Carriers... divebombers and torp planes eat me alive. They seem to delight in targetting me first.
B)Battleships with high level gunners, etc. one shot me constantly. It feels fruitless to join a GB because I usually get insta-gibbed by a Battleship that outranges me and finds me a nice juicy target.

So... any advice? Any advice for UK CV's in General? The County? 


  • Re : Where does the CV County belong?

    03. 09. 2012 16:13


First of all the county is a CA not a CV.. if you wanna HA then you should use lower lvl guns with a higher rld. Use as a good resource for this. If you practice, you will eventually get the hang of it. If you're gonna use the CA in GB then you should either try AA or ASW.

  • Re : Where does the CV County belong?

    03. 09. 2012 17:42


Just grind it out. Once you hit your cv1 or bb2 things get better. The bb1 is just as much of a pile of crap unless you have great gunners.

  • Re : Where does the CV County belong?

    03. 09. 2012 21:29


Sail into smaller boats and go one on one with them. Basically you gotta kind of "hump" them so that all your shells land. You are nearly on top of each other. It is pretty fun.

  • Re : Where does the CV County belong?

    03. 15. 2012 04:51


it does have a crappy gun spread on it. even if it is 8" guns on it (you get the same problem if you remodel the York CA into the Surrey).

only suggestion I can make would be if you had secondary set of gunners you could put on the T slots. give you additional firepower while your 8" guns are reloading. or try the trip 6" guns.

the rest, is simply learning how to best play the ship to your skillset as a player.