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  • IJN PCL Dhonburi guide.

    03. 13. 2012 09:08


I had just recently got a pcl dhonburi. I read about 15 threads about the dhonburi and most said it is a waste of money. I thought about and got it anyways. My first battle I wasn't sure about its performance so on the 5 support slots i put:

- 2 reps (lvl 60+ )

- 3 engies ( lvl 60+ )

This will reduce your speed by 1 knt ( really depends on crew weight ). If you want a high OH speed go with the CV power plant VI-Heavy. This will gave me 42 OH speed. If you use the engine already equiped i got 38 knts OH ( still al depends on crew). For actual ship setup for speed put:

- 0.2 deck

- 0.2 belt

- 10 bulge ( will reduce speed to 40 on OH ). Try 7 if you want speed.

- 8 bulkhead


Gameplay: So since you are in a pcl you defenitly dont have the range to reach BBs obviously( except for the rushing ones ) you should just mainly support you BBs. Position yourself right behind a BB ( choose a BB to support ) shoot at the rushing CLs and DDs and maybe a rushing CA/BB. Just stay back for a bit. After then the enemy BB line will get weak or if you just see an oppurtunity to rush, Take it. When you rush BBs will ignore you and since you are small and a lot of BBs will have bad spread ( just be careful of montanas and high lvl UK BBs, they have really tight block shots ). Your also small enough that it will be really easy to dodge a sub torpedo. In all its really easy to survive a trip in the middle. Once to reach the weak BB line your priorities should be killing AAW because in almost all matches I play theres all ways a moltke AAW. I would kill of the rest of the CVs, DDs, CLs, CAs and if theres still BBs alive act as a scout and get a few shots of at distance but dont travel in a straight line because if you do a large zig zag and keep on firing it seems BB players have trouble finding the angles so they cant kill you. All in all I think that if your a bit down and want to have a bit of fun get in a pcl. There quite fun. My first game in this ship made my day. If you know how to play it it isn't a waste of your money.

Pls post comments on how the guide was. I know it doesn't have any pictures i'm sry for that but it is my first guide. I am open to all advice etc. I'll most likely add more guides as i play nf more


  • Re : IJN PCL Dhonburi guide.

    03. 14. 2012 06:30


It's not a waste of money because it's weak.
It's a waste of money because IJN has good CLs and weapons for them.

Agano while crappy can mount 7.9" and stay out of range of most other blitz ships.
Mogami can wreck most ships with salvos from 5 6.1" x3 cannons and Yubari has insane range when using 5.5" guns.

The PCL on the other hand offers nothing except it's small size since it has the exact same # of sailor slots.

  • Re : IJN PCL Dhonburi guide.

    03. 15. 2012 17:11


pcl's are fun for sonar escorts. (loads of bulge)

in blitz i usually try to AW it, but the lack of barrels & speed to evade torps usually make for a not very exiting trip to the botom of the sea in a hobbit map.
In the larger maps you can get some more ranging out of your pcl, at which its pretty ok so you tend last for a long time, but the majority of rooms is hobbit rooms.