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  • "Skeleton" SS(SN) Sub Crew ...

    03. 17. 2012 14:27


I've heard it advisable to skin your SS BO, as his potential (affecting visibility) will not be affect whereas his other stats contribute so little as to make sailors not worth the added weight.  I've also heard, however, that some even "skeleton" their torpedo-men.  Is this truly advisable (i.e., will it not diminish torpedo-reload)?  Also, are their any 'other' SS crew which should be skim were sailors are concerned (deck-gunners, sonarman, planesman, supports, etc.)?


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    03. 17. 2012 16:19


Having a skeleton BO is a must, potential doesnt help sub vision range and it will only slow you down to run a full BO.


Torpedo ability caps fairly quickly, so with enough vets/exps you can trim off your recruits without it having a negative impact on torpedo reload. Its not essential at low levels but it is advisible at higher levels.

Most SS guns are just a novelty so having a gunner onboard isnt worthwhile, you can save weight/gain speed with gun slots empty or put a Rep/Restore sailor in them for boosted support abilities.

As for supports, do not skin them down. Sonar, Planesman and Engine are all extremely important abilities for SSs.

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    03. 19. 2012 07:47


Its true i run 110 torpers and they have about 109 vets and 500 experts, havent used recruits since SS3

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    03. 21. 2012 19:25


I assume, if you're going to skip sailors though, you then-want a torpedoman emphasizing true torpedo-ability?  I.E., not a repairmen levelled as a torper for a little extra repair (have seen some suggest this)?

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    03. 28. 2012 05:54


Wouldnt "skinning them down" reduce the ability to produce vet's expert's, and if not at what ratio is it advisable to "skin" them.

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    04. 12. 2012 11:42


Originally Posted by l2ev0luti0n

I assume, if you're going to skip sailors though, you then-want a torpedoman emphasizing true torpedo-ability?  I.E., not a repairmen levelled as a torper for a little extra repair (have seen some suggest this)?


You have 2 ways

1. a TORPman with exact Torp ab to cap (u can find this when he have two sailors with  +1kk true ability: put one rear and one front; retire rookies only from one and go to test room. Then fire with F4 on simoultaneous and put F4 on Maximum and hit space like a crazy, if both fire at once, go out room and repeat all process.
If the skeletonize one reload late that other then u overskeloton and must add rookies.

When u do that write TA to future reference: ie if TA = 1.000.000 then just skelotonize other till he have 1.000.000+1

2. the other way is use a repair elite and power leveled till 62-65 as SN Sailor so he accumulates rep&res and then class as torpedoman. Eventually he reach 1kk cap in torpedo with 9 base torp ab (i think this happen @90+ with 109 vets|full exp)


1. u free space (weight) for use in others support sailors not easyly capped (mainly Engies).

2. u have an advantage in Repair rate over others subs at ur level but probably one knot less that one with option (1)


I'd try this in KM subs and work both: it depends on engine%/ ship's eng % ratio

i.e. (1) its significant if u have 110+ level engies on SS5 because space is low for such high level sailors. So if SS line is your second line u will want option (1)

for IJN subs dont work because the weight u keep out skeletonizing is insignificant respct ship/eng% ratio (it work on low weight subs) so u dont gain a knot doing that

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    07. 24. 2013 07:42


here we go once again...
for a sub, #1 thing is speed, so:
skeleton sub BO is a must = 0 rookies, 0 experts, 0 vets
torpers should be trimmed to just have torpedo reload cap.
sonarman, planesman advisable to have not only high potential base, but also high repair and restore bases, because they will be fully crewed.
engies and reps you can use from your BB crew.

now why you need a skeleton BO and 'ghosted' torpers:
your crews gonna weight A LOT when at 120lvl and you wouln't be able use all the sailor slots because of crews being too heavy, way over sub's max displacement.
other reason - if you somehow managed to use all your sub's sailor slots with 120 sailors, that would lead to a speed reduction.

now, since I have skeleton torper set and 'ghosted' (trimmed for torpedo reload cap) torper set, I can make my ss2 fly at 40knots with skeleton torpers, though with LONG torpedo reload.
Or with ghosted torpers I can have my SS4 go 40 knots and use fast reload...

One thing to remember, the more vets you have on your torpers, the more lighter they can be while beeing on torpedo reload cap.

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    08. 10. 2013 17:18


Kind of an old thread, but my KM SS guide has math on high-repair torpedo sailors. I don't know whether the true ability cap for torpedo reload has changed since then, mind you.

What I can say with certainty is that it used to be relatively easy to cap torpedo reload on a high-repair sailor without much extra crew compared to a high-torpedo sailor. I wouldn't be surprised if this was still true.