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  • l3egiNNel2's strategy question(s)

    03. 24. 2012 14:08


Is it a sound strategy to, perhaps, start-out in the IJN with an AA-crew?  Given that the AAW stat is disabled, the default AA-gunners are pretty much useless, correct?  I was thinking of using the default BO and support crew to create an escort for a then-to-be-levelled battleship.  However, if I start-out levelling quad elite-reload gunners simultaneously (in tandem with the BO and supports of the default crew), will I run into problems not having the ability to use conventional, higher level guns later on (given that, being IJN, i'll have to delay-class these gunners as long as possible)?

I was just thinking that a Mogami(1938), armed with a combination of 6-inch (R) and 4.7-inch (T-slot) artillery, would prove quite useful in even the GB arena (at least, where AA is concerned).  I just wanted to be sure that the developing crew (delay-classed, armament sailors until levelled to Yamato) would not be too difficult to grind with with.  If so, I could begin levelling my battleship gunners in tandem, although don't want to knock them out of the blitz arena before my battleship BO can make it to Kongo.


  • Re : l3egiNNel2's strategy question(s)

    03. 27. 2012 02:43


the aa gunners as you may (may not) know need to stay as arm sailors until late 80+ (around yammy lvl) in order to be good. SO having them as arm sailors u can use them in blitz for torpedoes or smaller guns.

However good luck lvling them all to that lvl. Its gonna be a long grind so be prepared.

As far as your question, no idea man. It might work out good for u.

  • Re : l3egiNNel2's strategy question(s)

    03. 27. 2012 05:09


I classed my DP gunners on time and they work just fine... but they needed at least 150 vets BVE and when late classing them you could get the same ability using only 100 vets and max experts (without boost) and they will be lighter to boot.

Also using T slots on mogami with low level DP gunner for AA is a... umm... bad idea. Not only the guns have bad spread but their low firepower will keep you from getting any kills. 

  • Re : l3egiNNel2's strategy question(s)

    03. 27. 2012 12:51


Where T-slots are concerned, I was more thinking that the Mogami would have two sets of DP gunners for when I started using it as an escort .. then, both would work automatically, yes?  I just figured that I may as well fill both R and T slots for AA purposes as escorts can't use torpedoes, and IJN armour (so far as I am aware) isn't worth using anyhow.

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    03. 27. 2012 20:55


Sailors on Escort ships recieve 0 XP

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    03. 28. 2012 07:40


u could use the second set for HH against subs.

anyhow your choice m8.

Its a game above all so enjoy it

  • Re : l3egiNNel2's strategy question(s)

    04. 06. 2012 14:00


My bad .. I had it in my head, for some reason, that Mogami had four T-slots on either side .. not four 'total' (i.e., two on either side) .. levelling a second set of gunners to man lighter DP guns on just two slots facing the enemy doesn't seem so worth it now.