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  • Help a noob with picking ship

    07. 04. 2011 12:08

Hello, comrades.
I just started this game two days ago, and picked the SN. Now I don't really know the game, but I can do somewhat okay with manual fire.
What ship should I do and what should my crew look like?
143k credits and 192k points.
PS. If theres a guide to follow, I didn't see it here, so if you could either tell me what to do or link me to a guide, I would appreciate that a lot.


  • Re : Help a noob with picking ship

    07. 04. 2011 12:41

Well you can use this guide:

It provides many useful tips. But dont rely on the data too much, because SN is being nerfed.

If you dont know what ship to choose, I suggest:
Storozhevoj -> Gnevnyj -> Tashkent -> Svetlana -> Kirov -> Maxim Gorkij -> Gangut -> Maria -> ...

Dont use torps. I know, many soviet ships have unusual amount of T- slots, but soviet torps are only good for Hobbit death trap map as they have really poor range.

  • Re : Help a noob with picking ship

    07. 04. 2011 16:54

phillipM here is all your answers but the IM is getting nerfed soon

  • Re : Help a noob with picking ship

    07. 04. 2011 16:59

In my experience the Chapayev is a very good ship. When you get to lvl 29 use this and spend some time deciding which CA you want (Krasny Kavkaz or Rurik) as it is quite do-able to skip Bogatyr/Pallada/Svetlana and just use Chapayev until CA level.

apart from that, the 2 gentlemen above me post excellent guides!

enjoy your time in the Red Fleet!

  • Re : Help a noob with picking ship

    07. 04. 2011 17:34

The top left of this website has ship tree and sailor tree information you can refer to to see the ships crew sizes and how to get those sailors.

Also, the forum has a tips and tactics sections which (if you click view old data in the top right of the forum) can show alot of useful information, however most links within forum posts no longer work.

Your crew setup should be 2 gunners to be your main gunners, 2 gunners to be your AA gunners, and then a range of engineers and repairers, to improve your speed and repair ability. There is a third support, the restorer, however they are rendered useless at higher levels so having even 1 is not recommended. You should also level a pilot to be a scout, you turn a sailor into special forces at lvl 12 and then into a rookie pilot at 25, they can specialise further at higher levels but they can only fly scouts if they stay rookies their entire careers. All this and ofc, your bridge officer.

Thats some brief information to answer your immediate questions, I recommend you check the tips and tactics section aswell as reading useful information on the very important

Good luck, comrade.