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  • Leveling Sailors

    04. 27. 2012 15:38


I have a question about leveling my sailors for the IJN BB line.  With the US line I just run 2 BO one down each line so that I can keep enough supports for my later ships.  With IJN I noticed there is only 1 BB line.  Do I need to run 2 BO down it or is there another way to level enough supports for the later BB ships?


  • Re : Leveling Sailors

    04. 27. 2012 19:38


go through it twice (If you want diversity in IJN BB choose different bb2 each time)

other than that, I reccomend two bo's to have better supports as you will need to hit the speed cap on your ships to make the grind more bearable.  Or else you won't hit speed cap in a reasonable time like I am with my SY.   

  • Re : Leveling Sailors

    05. 02. 2012 21:01


OK thanks for the tip.  Another question, I intend to level up my gunners first on my TW ship so they are ahead of my BO.  What would be a good level to get them too before starting them back on the destroyer with my BB BO?