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  • Krasny Kavkaz setup?

    05. 08. 2012 11:50


Any thoughts on the best overall armament setup for Kavkaz?  I figure that if I were to use the triple 6-inch guns, I may as well stick with Chapayev or Svetlana and have more torpedoes (Kavkaz only seems to allow one volley per launcher).  As per other R-slot options, I've found the 7.1-inch single to be farther reaching, and twice as quickly reloading, as compared to the older 8-inch double (in otherwords, it puts out more shells over time in 'spite' of being a single).  Does the better range, overall shell output, and (from what I can tell) accuracy of the 7.1-inch single offset the 8-inch double's greater damage per shell?

Also, as per T-slots, being able to carry only a single volley of torpedoes has me leaning in favour of minizini AA (the Kavkaz being able to sport four turrets either side, with reasonable ammo).  Equipping it with T-slot AA, however, requires me to use my more levelled gunners as my mains - preventing me from playing in blitz (and the Kavkaz's AA is only 'really' useful for downing scouts at blitz-levels).  Is an armament of solely7.1-inch singles (and no T-slot armament) still viable in blitz though?  If so, what strategies and/or armour layout should be used (or should armour be ommitted for the sake of speed)?


  • Re : Krasny Kavkaz setup?

    05. 08. 2012 21:21


If you're in blitz, grab the 7.1"s with no armor, and just kite any non-BB enemies. Don't bother with torps once you're CA level, you should never be getting close enemy to the enemy to use them. Also note the differences in weight between the dual 8" and single 7"s.

In GB, you could AA with thr tip 6" guns.