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  • Second set of dual 10"s

    05. 22. 2012 15:45


For the second set of dual 10" guns (10"/50 Pattern 1908):


Question 1: How is the range on these weapons? I have heard that they outrange BB1s, but through various patches this may have changed, so I'm not sure. How is the range on these weapons? If you could tell me how the range compares to the Nevada's guns,  that would be wonderful (in fact, that would probably answer my question itself).


Question 2: IDK what level my gunners will be when I buy the Gorki, but can someone tell me what the spread is like at level? If you could tell me how the spread is with level 57+ gunners, that would be a nice tidbit of information as well.


I'm aware that the 7.1" triples are also good guns, and I will try them on the Kirov, but
I will decide for myself which set of guns I like better, so please, just give me the facts concerning the dual 10"s. If you feel like comparing the triple 7.1"s to the aforementioned dual 10"s then feel free to do so.


Thanks for your help.


  • Re : Second set of dual 10"s

    05. 23. 2012 04:52


Personally I use the trip 7's ,I find the faster reload a greater benefit then a little extra range.

You can use the normal HE shells in A slot, and Heavy in the B slot .

The spread on trip 7's is also better,nice and tight,so hitting power in my opinion is superior. 

  • Re : Second set of dual 10"s

    05. 25. 2012 08:08


I don't thin you can realy compare gunners at those lvls unless you know the vet/experts, base, and whether  they are boosted or not. As for all guns at or near at lvl(before capping) have pretty bad spread  and that goes for  all bb guns for the most part at lower lvls.

  • Re : Second set of dual 10"s

    05. 25. 2012 13:21


I have lvl61 unboosted gunners with 11/11 base 100 vets and about 300-350 expers. (Not the best, but i think they'll reach acc cap around lvl80) The spread isn't so horrible but I can't hit anything smaller than a BB4. The damage of 1 or 2 shells isn't enough to do some usefull.  It's range is good, much better than the 7,1"'s but still not enough. As I see it's about the same of a Renown/Revenge's range. In blitz 7,1" trips are much better, but if you want to use those 10" duals, boost your gunners and they'll be fine.

  • Re : Second set of dual 10"s

    06. 03. 2012 04:01


7.1 Suck. Massive Dissapointment. LvL 44 10 In Are Great On The Maxim Gorky

  • Re : Second set of dual 10"s

    06. 11. 2012 19:47


try level 58 10" dual on SN PCA with boosted gunners

range is immpresive and with enough eng you can reach 45 knts with long oh time

so it is a killing machine in blitz