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    07. 06. 2011 11:35

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The soviet navy was gimped. First off only 12 inch guns up to 91, thats kinda gimped to be honnest. Most other nations can out range and damage russian bbs.

The sn was sappose to have second longest range and damage, making it a nasty threat to all...well seems that its lacking in this.....

Now I heard there was a patch coming to fix this and some mn issues but no clue when that is coming.


  • Re : Please correct this issue.

    07. 06. 2011 12:52

Please read the Test Server Section for details on SN changes.

You have to consider that inches are not the only factor that determine the damage output of the guns. So the fact that SN has 12 inch guns up to 91 doesn't mean they will be the weakest nation up to 91.

Finally, remember this is the suggestion section... so you have to suggest something (identify a problem and propose a solution)

  • Re : Please correct this issue.

    07. 06. 2011 14:27

Play the IM, Play the BB5 with 110 guns.

Frankly its all Moot after the next patch from what I hear.