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  • can be used a seaman in L1?

    06. 04. 2012 22:01


the idea is to accelerate the slow recharge in the main weapons


  • Re : can be used a seaman in L1?

    06. 05. 2012 03:30


yes, seaman can be use at all ship from dd1 to bb6,cv6,ss5...


but it won't help with the slow reload of RN Guns... cause it is 1 of the nation's disadv.. having slow reload guns...


it would ruin the game if RN allowed to have a fast reload... a fast firing block shooting pow/ nelson  rofl ...

  • Re : can be used a seaman in L1?

    06. 08. 2012 15:33


anothers disadv are

a) the  short  range 4 those reason id put it  the lvl 91 2x15/42 cal Mark IV L guns i hope reach lvl 100 to put it those guns but idk if  got the enough space for it

b) the speed cant reach 40 knots  with 4 engs  lvl 99 +12

but i  thik found the  key to solve the  issue of  reload

use reload gunners in main  guns perhap couldnt  fire  so accurate but can  fire more  faster