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  • What Are Pom Poms?

    06. 05. 2012 08:41


Just like the subject says.  I see them talked about but i dont see anything in the components list on the NF site


  • Re : What Are Pom Poms?

    06. 05. 2012 09:05


They are a UK AA gun.  It looks like a bunch of AAW shooting really fast and making a rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr noise.

In components its the one all the way at the bottom.  Its the septuple barrel with .52 reload. 

  • Re : What Are Pom Poms?

    06. 05. 2012 20:57


manchine AA gun?

  • Re : What Are Pom Poms?

    06. 17. 2012 16:11


Pom Poms are the nickname given to the 1.57" Mark 8 AA guns at lvl 45. 

  • Re : What Are Pom Poms?

    07. 20. 2012 04:37


UK Pom Poms are the fast firing, low damage anti-aircraft gun used by most RN players as AA. They have a very steep golden angle at around 51~52 degrees, making them perfect to counter the diving bombers. 

Don't rely on them, they're notorious for jamming. The game. When ~5 players start hammering the skies.

Also, they're useless against ships unlike the 20mm of the German U-Flak, which has the same sprite. 

They are only usable by the UK AA gunners classed above level 45. And makes a terrific noise that sounds very similar to a fully automatic rifle.