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  • NF Fixer

    07. 13. 2011 16:44

Is NF Fixer still allowed to be used?
It has been a long time since I last played and now notice that Hackshield is in place, just want  to make sure using NF Fixer is not a bannable offense.

Also, does the creator of NF Fixer still release updates or have a latest version?

Thank you for any information.


  • Re : NF Fixer

    07. 14. 2011 02:55

Originally Posted by masc24
In this age of exploits NF Fixer is still allowed to be used? :/

NF Fixer is an SDE approved add on to the game. Its change to show the new servers, etc. was openly discussed on these forums and confirmed, it IS NOT AN EXPLOIT

It does not make you a better players, it needs you to understand the limitations on changing gun angle, etc. and much of what was novel about it (especially from a CV point of view) has been incorporated in game by SDE.

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