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  • AAing exp compared to Normal exp.

    07. 24. 2011 08:10

I noticed that AAing seems to net you alot more exp than just normal battles...

For instance im in a Mandel atm and my spread is beyond pathetic...So i thought for the first time ill do some AAing and i only started today...but i noticed even if i lost the battle i would be getting 15k+ if i shot even 1 plane down...compared to the 5k i would get if i didnt.

So...Is it naruto that you get more exp from AAing?


  • Re : AAing exp compared to Normal exp.

    07. 24. 2011 16:27

Originally Posted by zesoviets
KM AA is not the best, actually there aren't best AA nation. It's the skills to aim the shots, not spam them (you KM AA spammer nubs, i wonder why noone uses KM 28 or 29 GA long range AA capable guns...)

You gotta be shitting me...

More Detailed Response: Because Slow reload and Low Damage are a very very bad combination,maybe useable for scout killing,but that's it.

The main KM AA Guns,while not as great in range as said guns,have far superior reload and damage,which is especially useful for Fighters camped above you or for Bomber waves,certainly far moreso if those planes AREN'T default height.

  • Re : AAing exp compared to Normal exp.

    07. 24. 2011 19:56

Originally Posted by ljsevern

Originally Posted by X3N0M0RPH what is considering 'decent' performance in an AA ship? even a single kill? or a few ;p

Exp seems to jump really high above 2/3k personal credits, with it getting really really awesome when you hit above 10k.

The steps are 2-3k 10k 15k and 20k. I had a 15k game in Emden the other night and had a hair under 30k exp on sailors over 20 levels higher then the ship level. Emden needs more space for shells :(

My best AA exp to date is 65k in a PPro1 with around 18k in credits. That was in a GB1 with the old gold account.
My Best AA game to date was 22k in Mpro with 5"40s on the R slots. That level capped all the sailors on the ship besides the much higher level AA gunners when you could do 2 levels a game.

  • Re : AAing exp compared to Normal exp.

    07. 25. 2011 00:25

Did a 20k cred game tonight leveling some MN gunner.

Sadly hit the cap quite soon as they were capped from the previous game, and I just made a 30ish level on them, but they got 18k

However, the lvl 81 BO on a lvl 28 ship got 12k

so if you substract the 1k of prem, thats 11k.

11k x 1 / 0.43 = 25k. Can't remember if we won or lost tough -,-

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