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    09. 08. 2014 19:25



I just have a few questions for BB player. It might be basic but i figure it need to be asked. 

In general , how do you start engaging enemy BB if your range is lower or you have to stay back and keep waiting. In the waiting case, your team might end up get wipe out before you even have a chance. In the case of charging in, you need to assume you get hit when you come in range ? your ship might blow up in the process.

Specificly, on Monty, how do i start engaging another BB5, BB6 since its range is quite low when sailing toward the battle line ? or Do monty will need to stay back and wait as well. It is quite tedious when Monty appoarch the line and get out range and eventually got kiting by other BB5, 6. 

If that is the case, the only ship that safe to start engaging other ship and stay alive is Kaiser since it have the most range.

Can some pro player advide me.




  • Re : BB game play

    10. 31. 2014 07:37


although these are good attack suggestions, good support sailors are a must.
Particularly with a lower lvl BB.  Even a higher lvl BB needs good support sailors.

It helps to have at least 4 engineers to maximize OH speed.  They should have good
repair and good restore stats if at all possible.   Maximize experts leaving only a few rookies and get at least 109 vets.  

Same goes for repairmen.   Maximize experts and vets.

Your soft defense should be 900 which is the maximum.

Engineers and repairmen should be boosted!!!!!


The longer OH times give you speed to rush, run, or slingshot.

If you take some hits, the 900SD and OH will allow you to withdraw behind the main battle line for repairs fireing as you go.   With good repairman(men) you will get back into shape in a decent time.     This is a good time to launch a scout as vision helps.

Try not to let your overheat speed run out as you may not be able to get away if in trouble.   Its hard to do but conserve it and build it back after use.

As a lower lvl BB, watch your local battle group.   If they are rushing, rush too and support them.   The enemy will try to concentrate on the nearest BB and you may be
able to get off multiple salvos and sink an enemy or two. 

Even if they are out of range, there might be a few support ships in range, take them out
as part of the rush.    If you sink an AA ship, your teams bombers well get through and help your battle group.

If the rush goes to hell and falls apart, turn and run, firing as you go.    If you are outranged by several enemy BBs you are in deep trouble espcially if you are blind.
If the enemy runs, stick with your battle group.   Massed firepower wins battles.

USE YOUR SCOUT PLANES!!!!!    This can't be stressed enough!!!!!!   Don't expect a CV to supply vision where you need it.   Only you know EXACTLY where you need vision. 

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