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  • What's wrong with SN?

    08. 13. 2011 17:47

Well, I'm already left game for about one month.

But I check patch for normal service every day.

I forgot which post that I said SN will get more shell weight but nothing else.

Looks like I was right.

I know that the balance is not done yet, but this is make me upset. They even delete the 6*2 guns because that

gun is totally OP and was a big mistake. Well, this is a fast way to solve the problem, but not the best way.

I can't see the hope of SN, and SN is the only nation I have.

My elite gunners are 108 already, 2 lv to lv.110. However, I gived up. I love this game, and I appreciate the hard work of

NF team and MODs.

Last thing I want say is for new players of SN, if you want play a nation that stable and easy to play, BB line just play UK or US.

CV line play US or KM.(SN CV line may better than BB line.)

Good luck, SN players.


  • Re : What's wrong with SN?

    09. 01. 2011 12:37

Originally Posted by Sarsippius

@ Blazer4show

QUOTE: "How many mainstream games go through open beta testing which involves the future player base."

That is just about the dumbest thing I have ever seen on a game site's forum. I mean really, when people say something that stupid generally they post it with an alt acct or if the possibility exists, a guest acct so nobody will know they took the effort to type something so ignorant.

To answer your statement, which BTW was actually a question (even though not surprisingly in your haste to say something foolish you forgot the question mark) : All of them.
Not a single "mainstream" game that has come out in the last half a decade did not have an open beta with....wait for it..... future players as participants.

Have you read this entire thread yet?
Have you read the quote as well as your response at the same time? Or do I need to explain the contradiction in your post... I will give you a hint, read the quote in my post and then my response. It might help you solve the question.

If your still lost let me know and I will explain.

  • Re : What's wrong with SN?

    09. 02. 2011 10:07

Just go IJN/KM, it is superior at pretty much every tier except BB4, where the stalingrad is as good as the H39/Yamato.

  • Re : What's wrong with SN?

    09. 03. 2011 13:32

SN subs are fun, big but super fast torp speed :)

  • Re : What's wrong with SN?

    09. 03. 2011 14:36

I have started on an sn line recently and once you get to level 26 you get some stupidly long range hard hitting guns that you can slap on your dd's. (even an 8" if you pick the right dd :D ). I just treat them like sniper rifles for now and it works great. In blitz it really surprises people I think because they see the dd and they think they don't have anything to worry about next thing they know their prinz eugen is being out ranged by a dd and there is absolutely nothing they can do about it because it can kite them allllllll day.... Good times.

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