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  • So you got taken out by a sub

    08. 15. 2011 09:36

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Has this ever happen to you..Your sailing along battling a bb line and all of a sudden you see 2 tracks of torps coming at you.
next thing you know your sinking...Congrats you just got killed by a sub...Now before you begin you rage and complaint thread
ask yourself these questions....Did you have any bulge and some belt? Did you have an escort with a sonar man?
Were there any dd's or cl's doing asw near you? Were there any subs on your team near where you were that could have shown you
this sub before it got to you? Did you have phh or hh.

Now all these things factor into how usefull or useless a sub can be...If have played enough in the game you know how long it takes to get from one point to another  on the screen
and thus a simple counting can give you a good idea of where the sub is and you can avoid or launch phh, yes I know you are engaged in battle, but what is more usefully trying to land a shot or living to fire more.
asw ships are a huge bane to all subs and are normally the route future sub players go before they go sub so they can learn from the enemy.
Belt and buldge...Yes I know many say speed over armor but hey when you are shot almost point blank you can not avoid it so a little armor can save you...just .2 on buldge can greatly reduce torp damage.
AA escorts with a sonarman can give you the vision you need to avoid battles, now rooms with out escorts well bettter play smart....

All in all a little more observation at the begining of a battle will be your best friend know there is a sub or 2 heading towards you in the begining
will help you know when to fall back. Nothing pisses a sub off more then chasing a target that is runing away.

Oh and if your gonna start crying and screaming op please go to test forum and take that there as they all are anti sub.


  • Re : So you got taken out by a sub

    08. 16. 2011 02:08

good threat, but when we play in GB (like me) I utilize FF-21 with rear DC launcher and lvl 35 sonarman. This is a good ship to take out enemy sub. Problem is the BBs.

when i do DC them, its either the smoke or they run out of air that they surface, as you guys know, FF gun are small and do little damage, the BB instead of killing other bb lower their guns and start shelling the ss thus making ASW ships useless as individual.

  • Re : So you got taken out by a sub

    08. 16. 2011 03:52

Originally Posted by Humberto20

Originally Posted by ljsevern

You are obviously pro sub. Subs are overpowered. End of.

Your Anti sub thoughts are overpowered, end of the story.

You have still yet to come up with a balance counter to my suggestions. Feel free to play a ship other than SS though.

Originally Posted by chivalry1978

its suggestions for players who cry over subs being op here are some tips.


How about a suggestion:- Grow up and have a balanced view.

Crying sub player is afraid of his subs getting nerfed so he starts spamming the ONF Head on facebook and email with abusive messages, then complains when they are made public. Then he complains to the mods.

  • Re : So you got taken out by a sub

    08. 16. 2011 05:36

the simple fact is that subs are a part of the game
and even a unther powed ss(ss1/2) can sink a bb6 that has a wrong armor setup
or is just to dom and stays in the front of the line
that bb gets this dp shot by a bb and gets torps that kil him ( i know so i have done so)
but he next thing u hear is i got shot and died by a OP ss but thy forgot that ther dp was shot
by a bb and not the ss even a ff kan kill u then

but i have olso got my but handed to me by a bb whith hh/phh on that had no sonar to see me
but those are players who know what they are doing

also a sub is used for scouting
since alot of cv are to bissy to DB or TB to scout plus 25% of bb don't even run a scout
these are the bb that call for sight every time and clame cv to fail

its a team game and a big ego will only go on a rage like nerve the ss
i say go ahead i still am gonna play ss and kill u ill just ajust
but if they are nerved to mutch u may and i say may and up killing the game
do to the los a number of ss players u still need to fillup your rooms

on a footnote how do u think a bb1 player feels if he gets oneshot by a bb5/6
don't u think he will think i was better of in blitz where i was king

  • Re : So you got taken out by a sub

    08. 16. 2011 10:07

@ Emma

You got My respects, and + 10 for you.

@ Ljserven

You still one of the few, who still Baby crying about submarines, and Emma just proved some facts about
subs and bb6s.ONF for what? isnt supposed to be their admins impartial to ships classes, when one of them totally hates submarines? Sorry, Lj, but having submarines doesnt mean it make you a submarine driver, you may have them, but they are not your ship classes. You STILL DONT understand SUBMARINES ARE a ship classes with an IMPORTANT ROLE in navyfield. WE, the submarine we do more than you think, and yeah dont tell me i m useless with bb and cv, because i ve seem you not doing so well in battles, specially when we are in the same team, 8 out of 10 we lost.Yes, lately, i ve been playing CV's and Ironically, i vent been killed yet by submarines, How? I PAID ATTENTION to map, to any red spot on the map? So basically, if your team mate are not paying attention and they get killed, according to you, auto classify them as Over powered? what a joke.

LJ DEAL with it, and stop baby crying about subs, if you want to survive PAY ATTENTION to the game. YOU CANT WIN them all.

  • Re : So you got taken out by a sub

    08. 16. 2011 10:13

Seeing as there is not a single suggestion in here, OP has earned a warning for ranting.

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