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  • 4 Currencies(GOLD,Medal,KPcoin,KPscore)in NF

    07. 01. 2018 03:39

Hello all,

As you notice, there are 2 more currencies for NavyField after server combined. In the following I will explain a little more to clear up the questions you may have.

1. Gold (or NF Gold):
You purchase KPcoin and exchange KPcoin for NF GOLD. KPcoin will be community currency will support multiple games we have later, and you can exchange KPcoin to different game's GOLD.

2. Medal (or Honor Medal):
You earn them from
c)Purchase items in GOLD store   
You can use Medal to purchase in Medal store.

3. KPcoin:
a)The actual currency you charge in 
b)From 7 Day attendance reward
c) Event

4) KPscore(Forum Score):
You can use it for buying keys in Supply Box System and other community events.  Get it from
a)Exchange from KPcoin Click Here  1KPcoin=10KPscore 
b)Being active on forum, Create post=20 KPscore, Reply post= 10 KPscore. If your post or reply is deleted by Mod/GM, your KPscore will be removed (Not include move to Bin or hidden post), so spamming is not worth it! 

Hope this helps! 

NavyField Fleet Mission Management


  • Re : 4 Currencies(GOLD,Medal,KPcoin,KPscore)in NF

    07. 10. 2021 02:40


 Sir Viinson.
Have a good day to you sir....
 I am gratefully sending you this message sir coz i know your the one who can help me 
thats why i directedly send you a message....

   Sir maybe 10 years ago or etc.  i was playingh  NF for 2-3 years maybe you can see me ingame or know my accouint name...
Sir  ill be asking your good heart for the retrieving my account sir  ( dianne17 ) i already forgot the PW because i  dont have any access  to play ...

  S0 im asking you sincerly to grant my request so that i can still continue playing NF  as soon as you approved my request .. thank you so much and more power to you...

Respectfully yours'
 dianne17 e.u server09

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