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  • Time For HA's

    06. 26. 2011 23:01

I know this is the North American server. Most people play for 8 am est to 12pm pst...
Just wondering  why we cant get all 4 soon to be 6  harbor  assualt time to  reflect that it is a NORTH AMERICAN SERVER..
  I think it would be nice if the time were something like this

Current times                         Proposed  Times
JP 0400 (4AM)                               8 am
UK 1300 (1PM)                            12  pm
KM 1800 (6PM)                              4 pm
US 2100 (9PM)                              8 pm
NM   NA                                          10 am   sunday                                Note for  un opened harbors...  I think you all should for the time being copy    other maps... new paint job
RN   NA                                            2 pm   sunday
IN     NA                                            6 pm   sunday

even better would be to sart them  at 4  pm pst  and have all  6 harbors  run at the same time  to keep fleet jumper  and ppl with muliple account from playing in more then 1 fleet.


  • Re : Time For HA's

    06. 27. 2011 12:56

If SDE can run a stable environment while running 4 HAs, I'd support same times for them.

  • Re : Time For HA's

    06. 27. 2011 14:49

maybe is better use a time rotation for 2 month

  • Re : Time For HA's

    06. 27. 2011 15:10

good idea

  • Re : Time For HA's

    06. 27. 2011 17:26

Originally Posted by Executeur
maybe is better use a time rotation for 2 month

time rotation is always good, but can hurt a fleet that attacks a certian harbor because of the times their fleet members can show, its all about location, location, location

I agree that the IJN harbor times need to be changed, way to much time between the other harbors, im sure if we take a vote on new times the server can come to a agreement...wait what did I say?

  • Re : Time For HA's

    06. 27. 2011 21:57

our fleet is from around the world. there is only 2 harbors we can even think about attacking . even with those 2 harbors we get 1/3 of our fleet to play ...

the real problem is that it is a world wide player base, i have only seen IJN attack once . last weekend
but , once again it is a NA american server and some of us can only play 2 of the 4 exisiting HA.

  • Re : Time For HA's

    06. 27. 2011 22:08

Originally Posted by Sanitarium
I would agree with you however, if all Harbors had the same time for attacking but a more convenient time for the majority of the players not only the ones living in U.S.A. but then again you Americans only think about yourselves and u act as if you are above/better than all the rest.

Wait, what are you talking about? We are better than everyone else. :D


  • Re : Time For HA's

    06. 27. 2011 22:12

You should make this a suggestion instead of being in the general discussion >.< and i totally agree... waking up at 2 am in the morning to defend IJN harbor is a major pain in the ass. I have done it 3 times now....

  • Re : Time For HA's

    07. 01. 2011 04:53

Harbor times are great as they are.

Many fleets are Multi-international with players in many mixed timezones.

3 harbors for US players.
1 harbor for everyone else.

seems fair to me.

**ps boo hoo.. u need to wake up.. for anyone not in the US.. ppl have to wakeup.. so get over yourself and stop being so greedy.. Perhaps we should me IJN just for US and the other 3 harbors for everyone else.

  • Re : Time For HA's

    07. 26. 2011 10:42

It is a North American server... I know there is a NFEU and also the korean based servers. So why not play on those if you dont like waking up to play the NA server?

  • Re : Time For HA's

    07. 26. 2011 10:51

Not you again. Don't you ever learn your lesson and just shut up when you're told? Go away.

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