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  • IJN CV Question's

    12. 14. 2011 15:46

hello everyone i have a few questions for you guys i have a ijn CV4 almost 5 but i stoped playing for a year or so so many things have changed so my questions are should i FW or BW im trying to max the XP i get so i can hit my CV 5 ASAP i run ASW when no Ftrs or Bombers are around to shot down , so whats more XP FW or BW ive noticed more xp from BW 100k DMG games nets me 25-30k xp a game with no prem but i would like to see what you guys think 

thanks guys 


  • Re : IJN CV Question's

    12. 16. 2011 04:42

Originally Posted by SuchaR

XP for CV is depended on your team attack not your own, so if you want max your XP, You have to try make your team win. Your own attack is almost totally invalid. I noticed to, that you can get best credits when you have both type of attack (on planes and on ships). For now playing as FW is easiest. There is more FW than BW and best setup for counter FW is other FW. BW right now require more skill to avoid all those FT, smoke and then successfully bomb your target. Of course, you shouldn't take setup you don't like, if you don't want leave this game because of boring.

And Yes, there is a balance issue. Watch on test server threads on this forum. They try to do all type of setup comparable to others (FW shouldn't be best option at the end, but other setup should be as good as FW. We will see what happens).

Exp from all setup is equal when win and lose. So FW/BW/RW/Mixed gives you similar exp for win and for lose.

i dont play with prem either, so we should be on par

usualy most of the attack i make is from sinking subs, kaga1 is a beast with HH i dont bother to much with bombing atm. sinking subs is one of the best attack related contributions you can make, since bb's freak out when a ss gets as much as near the line & you can bring a sonar escort, without cross/shooting it when duelling.

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