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  • Train CV gunners now or later?

    12. 15. 2011 14:33

I have 2 reload gunners at lvl 50 right now. I will use them when i get the Yorktown. When i get it should i train them so that they are lvl 67 and then put them on the Yorktown or just put them on as lvl 50 and train them up to 120 as i go?


  • Re : Train CV gunners now or later?

    12. 19. 2011 10:56

Always grind a BB then a CV or Sub on a nation. Then you never have to worry about training crap later if you have a BB6 to supply extra sailors for your CV6 while the rest grind for HAs. Subs also get high level engies and other supports this way. In the end, there is a major advantage to grinding a BB crew to atleast BB4 when making another type of crew.

BB -> Then CV or Sub == Successful CV or SS crew.

  • Re : Train CV gunners now or later?

    12. 19. 2011 14:10

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Train them right now. Period.

You'll need high level AA gunners or high level HH gunners to survive in CV select or GB mode. Just put them in the slots even if there are no guns. When you get to Essex and higher, you'll be thankful you did. Remember, sailors level fastest the closer they are to the level of the ship.

Also, if you bring them all the way up, when you go back to a BB, you'll find life a lot easier with some way high level gunners.

Whoa, who said anything about going back to a BB? I dont have a US BB.

You had to drive a CA and CL to get here didn't you? Sooner or later you will again. When you do, you'll wish you had the gunners. Also, eventually you'll find that you need some supports. Having those gunners for a CL/CA aa ship would be nice too.

I alredy have the paralell ship line for training with its own gunners. Will put these guys on there as well to train them, but i dont swap around crews. Each ship has its own crew.

Sooner or later, you will have to swap crews between ships because as the levels of the ship gets bigger, they add on more support slots. What are you planning to do, drive ships around with 3 empty slots? Look, I just about finished power leveling a CV to 120. I've been quite successful. You came here asking advice and I've told you. If you are just going to argue about it, then I won't say anymore.

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