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  • Ise or Fuso

    07. 18. 2011 15:43

LOL sorry I have to start this thread. Contrary to what you likely expected I'm not gonna ask which is better. I'll have to pick one of the two ships next. As I have the Haruna I don't actually need to grind in either of these BB2. Is it even worth it to spend the credits on the BB2?

Give me a clue, which of those 3 ships do you shoot first if you have to choose? For those of you who have the Haruna too, will the spread ever be equal to Ise/Fuso?

PS: I don't give a fart about the CV remod. And I have to admit, that my at-level engineers make rushin extremely difficult.


  • Re : Ise or Fuso

    08. 22. 2011 09:46

Only Fuso

  • Re : Ise or Fuso

    06. 11. 2020 23:06


been reading the thread, looks like FUSO is the way.

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