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  • Cons and Pros of SN?

    09. 17. 2011 05:36

What are the cons & pros of SN?

I heard they have good DB's but what about other things? 


  • Re : Cons and Pros of SN?

    10. 27. 2011 12:04

wow i been reading this tread and i seen that the people doesnt know how the sn high tiers changed after the patch ......

for those who was thinking on start SN nation BBs ,,, pls stop and go for other nation ,,,,, the only decent ship is the Stalingrad whats its pretty much a h39 but with angle 45 ,,, but the sn Sovietsky soyus its the worst of all it has:

No range (same as alsace but with angle 45( years to land a shell))
Have no speed max 37 with the 110 (the only decent guns)
have no turning force (take years to turn )
doestn let u slingshot ( apart from that it is angle 45 , its that slow that doesnt let u move the ship )
Reload speed slow( apart from that hes angle 45 ,,, if u get rushed ur dead)
the landing time of the shells is slowst as amagi
The firepower have good penetration cause is angle 45 but doesnt have good damage (less than monty alsace l2)

i just hope that this nation get balanced soon because the last balance was terrible and make this nation pretty much useless

  • Re : Cons and Pros of SN?

    10. 28. 2011 05:44

now stalingard is BB4.5 and really close to BB5
do not like H39 just only have BB5 range

stalingard have both range and damage,also have BB4 speed
in some case she can run with 42kt on OH

stalingard just like SY without AA

i do like play this ship even i have SN BB5,if you play well, lots of bb5 will become your free food

  • Re : Cons and Pros of SN?

    10. 29. 2011 18:50

Stalingrad is good, I played in that ship from Lv89-Lv120, simply because I can not find a good way to play with Sovietsky Soyuz.
I just got my P24 2 days ago which is my 6th BB6, and it was the only time that i grinded my BB6 in a BB4.
Only bad thing about Stalingrad is she can only carry 4 scouters, the T-4 scouter, that sometimes give me troubles . Other than that, she is a perfect ship.

As for Sovietsky Soyuz,the way I figured out is to play it pure defensive. The Lv100 gun now is having shorter range than Monty Lv100 guns, and the Lv110 gun doesn't really have a difference in terms of range, I have both Lv100 and Lv110 guns on my ship, in order to maintain 37 with some bulge so that I don't get 1 shot by subs, and I can't tell any range difference in GB. However. the Lv110 gun is 1000+ tons heavier and 2 secs longer in reloading, and take forever for the shells to land. so good luck on your aiming. Her T slots are bad for AA, somehow good for HH though. She is a good ship against low lvl BBs with her powerful guns. except SW L1s and Rechs, but all BB5s out range her except Alsace while Alsace can just simply out speed her. So basically just stay behind, and shoot ships get in range and hope no one rushes you.

I am not going to benefit from any possible fix on SN BBs, but I do hope there will be a somewhat fix, so other players can enjoy their SN grinding.

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