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  • The DC Glitch/Hack + Discussion

    09. 19. 2011 19:07

Can SDE plz make this something that can be fixed... It is too wildly know how it works and it needs to be fixed,
I would like to see SDE atempet to fix it even more ss5 comes out,
It in my eyes its has become like the HQ Glitch were everyone is using it and
Since TNF/SDE will not do much about it since it is hard has hell to prove...
whats to stop people from using it in GB for the lolz as they do once in a while now...
We all know its beening used in HA has i have hear on vent people who have laughed and said
"lol we just crashed that fleets team"  Gota to love Ventspy

Anywho SDE if you want can you send me navyfeilds code and ill try to fix it myself as i have grown tired of it and
dont want too see any more reasons for people to stop playing the game 

Thank you,
Some Random Guy 


  • Re : The DC Glitch/Hack + Discussion

    09. 20. 2011 17:15

And here comes the HA stuff.

Locked as I previously warned.

On a side note, (mass) support tickets are the most effective way to get a glitch/etc fixed.


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