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  • [Nebraska] Axis vs Allies - July 22nd -UPDATE

    07. 20. 2011 08:37

Date: July 22nd 2011

1st Game: 07:00PST
  1. Sylwesterph - 253,401 attack
  2. estrelle - 249,481 attack
  3. nighthawknnf - 218 391 attack

2nd Game: 13:00 PST
3rd Game: 17:00 PST

The rules are as follows:

There will be a room hosted by me that will split into two teams with the Allies (US & UK & SN) on Alpha, and the Axis (IJN & KM & MN) on Bravo. The two teams will then fight against each other in hopes of winning. This event will be run up to 3 times. The top 3 players with the highest attack after each battle will be awarded with prizes.

Once you have won a prize you may not win any others for this event. However, you may still participate in the battle.

-No level limit.
-Premium Ships are allowed.
-Premium Items are allowed.
-Normal Battleroom rules apply.
-No BB6/CV6 or Unique Ships
-CV's must equip at least 1 bomber and 1 Fighter.

1st Place: EBB of their choice.

2nd Place: 10million Credits.

3rd Place: 5million Credits.

Event Battleships:


  • Re : [Nebraska] Axis vs Allies - July 22nd -UPDATE

    07. 21. 2011 19:56

are u forcereal..... i just sold the fighter for sey alittle while ago cause they sucked :l

  • Re : [Nebraska] Axis vs Allies - July 22nd -UPDATE

    07. 21. 2011 20:47

maybe i'll just drive a Z1 and see how those AWed QVs with smokes pwn all the other ships

  • Re : [Nebraska] Axis vs Allies - July 22nd -UPDATE

    07. 22. 2011 01:03

Nice event, but no new MN and SN EBBs? (MN Deladare, SN Borodino)

  • Re : [Nebraska] Axis vs Allies - July 22nd -UPDATE

    07. 22. 2011 01:29

[rant] no CV6's ? Oh please thats silly, its nowhere near as powerful as a BB6.
Now I have to go find my PCV in the item store. [/rant]

If the player with the highest attack gets rewards, what do CV's get? I mean ... if I provide 95%+ sight with scouting and perfect fighter cover for my team that lets my BB's see and kill am I also to be rewarded? No.. oh ok so the room is going to be full of bomberwhores.... time to get my Soviet DB PCV or UK TB PCV :(

On a slightly more serious note to Pathfinder19, I love the idea and the fact your hosting these games. The reward is simply a bonus. What's annoying however is the fact CV's play an integral role to the success in a battle yet have no hope win a reward without resorting to "anti-teamplay tactics" ie bombing lots.

all imho,

  • Re : [Nebraska] Axis vs Allies - July 22nd -UPDATE

    07. 22. 2011 03:20

Good man Pathfinder, Taking away BB6/CV6 from this event makes it far more intresting and fair.

  • Re : [Nebraska] Axis vs Allies - July 22nd -UPDATE

    07. 22. 2011 06:14

Would there be any way to delay this event since a quite a few people are having problems with this new patch and can't even get on the game right now?

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