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  • New Kaiser Monitors

    07. 22. 2011 15:04

First of all, I would like to thank all those that have applied for the TNF Monitor positions. We had a lot of very good applicants and this was very hard to decide.
So, without further delay here are the new Monitors. Congratulations to the new Mons:


  • Re : New Kaiser Monitors

    07. 27. 2011 03:37

congrats to my former fleetmates simois and popov and the rest..:)

  • Re : New Kaiser Monitors

    07. 27. 2011 07:47

First congratulations to all new MOD. !!!!

It would be nice to know what language they speak, as we have

several Hispanic and Portuguese-speaking dust.

  • Re : New Kaiser Monitors

    07. 28. 2011 15:38

Originally Posted by Elliot2lazy

Alright this is how diverse it really is, just proving my original point from my first post, not bashing.

Simois- (From RMF although RMF is a dead fleet of what 10 or less people, might as well just be considered tagless.)

popov (in Deral's Navy-Cross fleet.)

Cpl_Strfan- (most likely tagless, didn't see him in any fleet in awhile. Also doesn't show up in rankings which is where I am lookling so either his acc got banned or put it to sleep. More likely Asleep since they probably wouldn't allow to become a monitor with a recent ban.)

Poage (From JRF)

Bobdadog (NSA Navyfield Slacks Fleet)

Karasuda (From JRF)

Lilitaly5179 (From JRF)

Cptskoal (From JRF)

CVance (From warfreak's sith fleet)

Lets add this up:

Vets- 0
Redsky- 0
JRF- 4
Sith- 1
True Sith- 0
NSA- 1
EOM- 0
NF Cross- 1
RMF- 1
TF- 0
Team France- 0
Team Korea- 0
BOS- 0
Imperium- 0
Iron- 0
CS navy- 0
Polish Legion- 0
Tagless- 1

-These are just the main fleet people can probably name off the top of their head. I did find them all but it's not really worth putting down fleets that are super small or no one recognizes, no offense. Also every fleet except for 1 or 2 up there have about 100 players in their fleet, if not more.

Although you can see fleets like Imperium, TF, Iron, Vets, and Redsky the other bigger fleets on the server have 0 mods come out from them. Idk maybe non of them applied, but i doubt that. Having ~45% come from one fleet, not very diverse at all. I mean a lot of people now will probably accuse JRF of having pocket mods. I can't say I will at this point because those players haven't done anything to say so. I think to keep balance should have a max of 2 come from one fleet per monitor program season.


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    07. 28. 2011 17:07


  • Re : New Kaiser Monitors

    07. 28. 2011 22:08

I'd like to suggest a forum mod lock this topic.

  • Re : New Kaiser Monitors

    07. 28. 2011 22:20

Thread has been cleaned.

Do not troll in this thread again or 1 day bans will be given. You have been warned enough.

  • Re : New Kaiser Monitors

    07. 28. 2011 22:58

Congrats to all. Looking forward to seeing you all in game.

  • Re : New Kaiser Monitors

    07. 29. 2011 06:36

Gratz u all...
And popov... If i do something nub dont ban me ok... lol

  • Re : New Kaiser Monitors

    07. 29. 2011 15:18

congratz to all the new mods but italy what happend maby they where drunk :) but congrats i no u all eraned your mod postions and a big shout out to poage Congratz

  • Re : New Kaiser Monitors

    07. 29. 2011 15:42

I wish i was a monitor, I would help out NavyFIELD the best and all i could.

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