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  • Memorial Day & Japanese Navy Day Event

    05. 24. 2020 23:09 PST

Hello Captains,

25 May 2020 is the Memorial Day which we should remember and honor the lives of our fallen servicemen and women. 27 May is Japanese Navy Day. So there will be a mini event at the end of this Spring to help new/old players who love NavyField. 

During 25-27 May (Server Time), 400% Veteran Conversion Rate will be activated for Premium Accounts, 350% for Normal Accounts. 

A 288RMB($41.7USD) discount 19 RMB($2.75USD) coupon will be gifted to all players, coupon will be expires in 30 days. 

If you live stream NavyField for over 30 minutes on YouTube or Twitch, you will be eligible for a mysterious prize!  You must post your link in this post as a reply, CLICK HERE ,  the link must be able to playback and shown you did the streaming as we cannot check 24/7!  

Prize will be delivered directly to your account within 7 days after the end of the event.

We are also preparing the June event, stay tuned! 

NavyField Management Team