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  • Wieder da!

    06. 28. 2016 04:38


Hallo! Ich hab das Game mal wieder installiert etc pp und muss nun feststellen, dass alles weg ist. Nun hab ich schon einTicket geschrieben, dass ich mein Zeug zurück will und die verweisen immer auf irgend so ein Returning Player Guide dingens^^ hab leider keine Ahnung, wo ich das Ding finde, da der Support leider keinen Link mitschickt! :/

Wär nett wenn mir wer helfen kann!

schonmal DANKE im vorraus!

MfG Goldi :D 


  • Re : Wieder da!

    06. 28. 2016 06:25


Les dich hier mal durch


Please provide following information in a new support ticket so we can recover for you.

1) When sending a request to recover account data submit answers to the following-

Unfortunately with the large database of files we have to manually go over, it is almost impossible to find a players data without some sort of date. 

If you could please try to work out the last time you played it would greatly speed up the process and help us find your data quicker.


Submit a recovery request ticket using the template below to provide answers required to aid recovery of your account data, this will help avoid having to send a further ticket:-


Question 1:- How long has it been since you last played (month/year)?
Question 2:- What sorts of crews/ships do you remember having?

If you have not played after 2013,  you have to restart from scratch. 

******We cannot recover data from NFEU server*****
If you did not complete the original transfer request on NFEU forums which had a deadline date 31/10/2013, then there is nothing we can do, do not waste your time sending in a ticket, we do not have your data.  

2) Email Issue / Account verification

As we've processed these requests we have noticed that a number of users are running into troubles stemming from conflicts between their emails and our automated system. 

Our system appears to work best with popular NA email providers such as: Gmail, Yahoo/AOL mail, and Outlook/Hotmail/

Players with emails from other providers may run into troubles when attempting to update their account details or even process Olive purchases.

If you wish to change your email then complete the following template in a new ticket.


Old email:- ?????
New email:- ?????
Trade pw:- ?????
Security question and answer:- ?????
Recent transaction id:- ?????

***Update failure***
If current client version is different from the server more than 5 versions, you have to completely uninstall the client. Then, download the newest client. 


You can refer to this post if you encounter any problems during installation.