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A well-versed knowledge of the controls is basically the most important skill needed to lead your team to victory.
It may time to getting used of all keys, but once you have mastered the controls you will definitely improve your skills in the seas of Navy Field.
When you right click on a certain point, your ship will move to that direction. You can change your speed by pressing the F key (Accelerate) and V key (Decelerate).
There are two ways to control your guns, auto-aiming and manual aiming. If you are not used to Navy Field we recommend using auto-aiming first. However, for a more precise control you can learn to use manual aiming while leveling up.
It is recommended that you learn manual aiming as soon as possible. The basic control keys are listed below.
- Fire Gun or Torpedo
- Gun Elevation Up
- Gun Elevation Down
- Rotate Turret Port
- Rotate Turret Starboard
- Rotate All Turrets Starboard
- Rotate All Turrets Port
- Engine Accelerate
- Engine Decelerate
For full controls list of Navy Field, you may use also the following hotkeys.
Most of the hotkeys can be changed in the Option Panel which can be accessed by clicking the F10 key.
- Select R Mount
- Select T Mount
- Select Front Weapon
- Select Both Weapons
- Select Rear Weapon
- TDA On / Off
- Show Brief Information about the Ship
- Move Your Ship to the Selected Point
- Screen Scroll
- Center the Ship / Shell landing point
- Straighten Ship
- A / B Ammo Locker Selection
- Fast / Slow Torpedo Speed
- Narrow / Wide Torpedo Fire
- Precision Weapon Control
- Chat Mode On/Off
- Quit/Logout Function
- Enable/Disable Radioman
- Help & Tooltip On/Off
- Team Chat On/Off
- Filtering On/Off
- Firing Mode Select
- Key Guide
- Guide Line On/Off
- Remove HUD
- Music On/Off
- 3D Function On/Off
   - Zoom in/out With 3D Function Enabled
- Zoom in/out With 3D Function Enabled
- Ship Name Indicator On/Off
- Raise Altitude
- Lower Altitude
- Ready/Launch/Return to Ship
- Manual Dive Bombing
- Release Bombs
- Select Aircraft Squadron
- Dive/Surface Sub
- Critical Dive