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There are currently six (6) nations players can choose from in Navy Field and there are still more to come! Each nation is unique because of their history, and the advantages, and disadvantages that they carry in Navy Field. The following is a brief explanation of those qualities.
The USN is a nation that excels in the use of their CV's. While the BB's are also powerful, they offer a more balanced approach as far as firepower and armor combination.
The USN has a considerable amount of BB's to select, and currently has the largest selection of BB's.
The USN also has the ability to use a vertical guideline for more accurate AA fire, and they have the best known AAW in the game.
The RN is known best for their excellent armor, and shell damage.
However the price of this amazing armor is higher than the other nations, it is the best perk for choosing RN. As with the high armor price, because the RN has such a high damage output from their guns, it also takes them longer to reload.
The IJN is best known for their powerful torpedoes, and torpedo boats.
The IJN also has a considerable amount of CV's in their nation, and currently has the largest selection of CV's in Navy Field. The IJN also is the only nation to have 'Hybrid' ships, which couple both as a gunboat, and an aircraft carrier, There is a CL, CA, and BB version of these ships available to the IJN ship line.
The IJN however, have little production for armor, so as a result IJN armor is the weakest of all the nations.
The KM is great to use if you enjoy picking off targets from long distances.
KM boasts the longest range for guns, at the sacrifice of fire power. They also enjoy some of the fastest AA guns, and utilize some of the best gunners in NavyField. KM also has the ability to use Proximity Detonated torpedoes, and have some of the best submarines in NavyField.
The MN, like the USN, has a well balanced arsenal of abilities.
The MN has a shorter range than the other nations, but their fire power is extremely high in comparison. MN also has great AA, which has the furthest range in NavyField. While the MN ships can deal a lot of damage, they are structurally weaker than the other nations, and with their great overheat speed, they can get in and out of enemy range quickly. MN can also load the most scouts on their BB's than other nations which gives them an advantage in battles to have scouts when others might not.
With the push of war upon the world the SN has been thrust in to the war front with very little time to ready itself. Boasting long range weapons and fast reloading speeds, these naval ships have the power to unleash deadly barrages upon their enemies in quick salvos, however, the inability to armor themselves because of their quick demand for war vessels, these ships have very low displacement for armor. Another tool that the SN has been equipped with is a higher ability at using Bomber planes, and increased training for their Engineers, so ships of SN nationality have a competitive boost in these fields compared to their counterparts in the war. While being able to provide these boosts to their nation, the SN has lacked the ability to produce competitive torpedoes, and thus reducing potential in that area of warfare.
Italy is known for its relatively fast firing low angled guns. The guns are generally of a lower calibers than the other nations, only reaching 16" with the BB6 (SD BB). It also has a high repair rate that has cheif repairman like RN, but it is balanced on all other aspects.

(text by JPhoenix)