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Intro to NF Flash Guide Boot Camp
Are you planning to start playing Navy Field?
The first step to take is to create a account.

*Click the ‘New Account’ button on the left of the login box.
The New Account registration page will appear. The account name you select will be shown in the game, so please avoid using any offensive words as your account name. Also, remember to use a valid email, since this email will be required as an important verification method from now on. Please agree to the Navyfield Terms of Service to complete your registration.
New Account

*The account name cannot be changed once created
Download & Install Navy Field
After creating an account, let’s go to the download page.
By selecting ‘full client download’, you will receive the latest version of the Navy Field game client. If you have installed Navy Field previously, please make sure to uninstall and thoroughly remove any related folder/files prior to installing anew.
The download may take a little while to complete depending on your local network conditions. While waiting, take a look through our online game guide to be prepared for the battles of Navy Field! Our Boot Camp on covers all the vital information that a new players need to know.

After the download is completed, run the installation file and wait until the install process is done.
The Navy Field icon will be created on your desktop. Double-click to run it, and the launcher will check once again if you have any missing files on your client. Click ‘Play Game’ to set sail!
Benefits for New Players
If you are new to Navy Field, the following information may be useful for you. Please check the special details below.
NF Premium Invitation
If you have a friend who already plays NF, ask for an invitation card! You will receive 2-weeks free Premium Subscription, and if you continue to play for 3 months, both you and your friend will get a special gift!
NF Starter Pack
Try the new Starter Packs, which are designed for new beginning players.
Starter pack is allowed to purchase only one time on each server.
Each includes 1-month Premium Subscription, a set of Elite Saccilors, a special ship for low-level players, and also credits and points that you can use inside the game.